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  Persia, an 11-year-old Japanese girl, has been raised in Africa. On the way back to Japan, Persia wanders into the fairy's world. There, she finds that the peace of the world is at stake, and fairies need help from Persia.
  The fairies ask her is to collect "Love Energy" which is gained only when unrewarded passions and long held aspirations are fulfilled. Persia decides to try as hard as she can to help people who need support. The fairies give her the magic power to achieve her mission. Using the power, Persia transforms herself into a 17-year-old girl with different outfits. She becomes a policewoman, a flower fairy and anything necessary to solve the problem. Will Persia be able to collect enough Love Energy to save the fairy's world?
  This is the second series of Pierrot's Magical Girl Series.

  TV Animation Series
Duration of initial on air: Jul 1984 - May 1985
Episode: 48
Length: 30 minutes
Broadcasting Station: NTV


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