Cast Announcements from Anime USA

Here are the cast announcements from our panel at Anime USA.

Chrome Shelled Regios
Character Cast





ADR Director

Todd Haberkorn

Brina Palencia

Monica Rial

Eric Vale

Chris Cason

Chrome Shelled Regios – Part One – LE
Available February 2011 featuring:

  • Art Box – Holds Part One and Part Two (sold separately)
  • Collectible Miniature Flag
  • Contains episodes 1-12 on 2 discs.

Rosario + Vampire / Rosario + Vampire CAPU2
Character Cast






The Bat

ADR Director

Alexis Tipton

Todd Haberkorn

Brina Palencia

Monica Rial

Tia Ballard

Jerry Jewell

Jason Grundy

Rosario + Vampire
Available on DVD Spring 2011 featuring:

  • Art box
  • Art booklet (subject to change)
  • Contains episodes 1-13

Rosario + Vampire – CAPU2
Available on DVD Spring 2011 featuring:

  • Contains episodes 14-26

22 Responses to “Cast Announcements from Anime USA”

  • 1
    Asrialys on says:

    I assume that the Rosario + Vampire box will hold both seasons? Just want to make sure since the Chrome Shelled Regios does indicate that the box will hold both releases.

  • 2
    Netstryke on says:

    R+V Voice cast= ooooh! Interesting! We have another mix of Fresh Voices and Vets in this cast.

    Todd as Tsukune…..NATCH!! :lol:

    In all honesty, I’d thought that it would be Monica voicing Moka but it will be interesting to hear Alexis go from cute vampire girl to hot vampiric bad-a$$.

    I am so looking forward to seeing this series….again!

  • 3
    DrakeWants2Speak on says:

    Todd Haberkorn in yet another Anime where he’s the main character -_-
    Oh wait… he’s in both of them?! Seriously, is Funimation’s talent pool so small that he has to voice every young male character of every new property that’s licensed?

    I know he’s a great voice actor and everything, but… really? This is getting pretty ridiculous.

  • 4
    SAndrews_18 on says:

    Looks cool, cant wait to see both of them in dub.

  • 5
    Mario1-7 on says:


    I agree with you. He is in everything and I seen it coming for these 2 shows and I see him as the main dude character in Ookami-san. Good people at FUNimation LET TODD SLEEP!!!!! That guy has got to be tired! Use somebody else as the main character (Not Greg ares) Just no Todd in Index and Ookami-san.

    Todd is good an all but come on let the guy take a nap!

  • 6
    2lost4words on says:

    Bout time i finally saw a cast for Chrome Shelled Regios. Been waiting since you announced licensing it. Seems like you guys got some of the usual VA’s so it will either sounds good, or I’ll be reminded the VA’s other characters while watching it. It was my fav show from the winter 08-09 lineup in Japan, so I cant wait to buy it.

  • 7
    Rai-Sing Fenix on says:

    While I am quite happy for the dub, I can’t help but feel that Tia and Brina should switch roles.
    Brina past roles make a better fit with Mizore’s personality.

  • 8
    Richard J. on says:

    Oh cool! Rosario cast at last! And it’ll get an art box plus an art book? Sweet!

    Poor Todd. He shall never know rest. (The burdens of talent!)

  • 9
    Tyrenol on says:

    Apparently, Todd Haberkorn is the “Shia Lebouf / Robert Downey Jr. of English Anime Voice Acting” (C). :P

    And, like Machete, “He Gets The Women.” Primarily (characters voiced by) Brina and (characters voiced by) Monica. 8)

    Dibs on Chromeshell if Nevada’s horrible economy doesn’t drive me to blow up first. :(

  • 10
    shamedknight on says:

    awesome job funimation. i cant wait for it to be released.

  • 11
    Amy on says:

    I hope you guys keep the art booklet for Rosario Vampire! I miss getting stuff in Art boxes. Can’t wait for these to be released!

  • 12
    mudduck454 on says:

    I knew they would cast monica rial as Yukari Sendō, she does such a cute girls voice, I wish she would have done ku-chan in sekirei.

    rosario vampire and capu 2 will be a preorder as soon as TRSI announces it, I love the series, and have been waiting for it,

  • 13
    Matt on says:

    Happy to see Alexis Tipton in Rosario Vampire, will definatly get that above Chrome Shelled Regios. Thought she did good in Hanayome and Linebarrels, she isn’t in that much as a lead character these days.

  • 14
    timothy on says:

    are they going to have blu-ray collectors edition?

  • 15
    mdo7 on says:

    I’ve been noticing Todd Haberkorn, Alexis Tipton and Tia Bellard has now been getting bigger role. I’m fine with Todd Haberkorn voicing Tsukane since I can imagine his voicing fitting him. But I hope this is the last time Todd voice a main character because he being overuse too much. Give other small VA a chance like Kara Edwards (she deserve a bigger role). Brina Palencia as Kurumu, I imagine Cherami Leigh fitting her because both Cherami Leigh and Misato Fukuen (who voiced Kurumu in the Japanese version) voiced Yoshika Miyafugi in Strike Witches. It would’ve been sort of fanservice and irony if Cherami Leigh voiced Kurumu to make a nod to Misato Fukuen. Also for Moka I thought of Stephanie Sheh or Kira-Vincent Davis fitting her maybe better, but let see how Alexis does. For Mizore, I thought of having Catlin Glass or Laura Bailey voicing her since I imagine both of them could fit her. Well let see how the dub does.

  • 16
    SilverPhantom on says:

    Ohhh Rosario + Vampire spring can’t get here quick enough. :(

  • 17
    wicked86 on says:

    Yay, I’ve been reading the manga for this series and am completely in love with this series. I can’t wait! :bloody:

  • 18
    Max465 on says:

    I agree with all the comments on Todd Haberkorn being over casted as main roles, but honestly, if he didn’t want it, he wouldn’t audition, so there is no one to blame, but himself. I’ve never been disappointed by any of the characters he has played, so it’s not like him being over used is a bad thing.


    I wouldn’t mind Todd being in Index(I have yet to see Ookami-San), but if he plays Touma I will have a problem.

  • 19
    Matt on says:


    Doesn’t bother me. I mean look at ADV dubs, a lot of them had the same people in pretty much everything. And the whole J Y Bosch/Yuri L being in like every non Funi/ADV dub in the past in the lead roles.

    Still, one name I wouldn’t mind seeing in every Funi dub is Alexis Tipton, awesome voice, and looks awesome too.

  • 20
    Chrno34 on says:

    Nice selection of VAs. I have to say though, I was kinda hoping/expecting Josh Grelle to play the role of Tsukune in the english dub. After hearing him as Kouichi(From Linebarrels of Iron) and Kenichi (HSDK), I thought he’d be perfect but since Todd was already my next choice, I have no problems with it. I have no idea how Alexis will do as Moka–Inner or Outer–since I’ve only heard her in one role so far, but I have confidence that she’ll do fine regardless. I hope Funimation puts up voice samples so we can get an idea of what to expect.

  • 21
    Anime Remix on says:

    @DrakeWants2Speak I’m glad it isn’t Vic. =/

  • 22
    corey on says:

    ok time to make my thoughts on this “Cast” known. First of all, Todd Haberkorn as Tuskune? Are you serious? The guy already voiced Itsuki in Shuffle (in my opinion he was the best choice) and then he MURDERED Nagasumi in SETO NO HANAYOME a.k.a THE INLAND SEA BRIDE. Someone like him wouldn’t be fit for voicing Tsukune. Ginei would be a more appropriate character for Todd to vioce. Second of all, for the girls I, as well as many other Rosario+Vampire fans have specific tastes and preferances that must be catered to. Rosario+Vampire has singing involved and i swear to god i’ll murder someone if the actrecess voicing my girls can’t sing or arent singing a perfect translation of the original lyrics. Now in my opinion, Alexis Tiption is an ok singer and voice actress but if possible i would very much like it of Christina Vee voiced Moka. I realize that i am only one fan but i would very much hopw that my opinion actually matters to you Funimation people. Now for Kurumu, I was ELATED AND OVERJOYED NOT TO SEE THE FOLLOWING NAMES: LUCI CHRISTIAN, LAURA BAILY AND CATLIN GLASS. I CANT STAND HEARING THE SAME ENGLISH VOICE ACTRESSES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND I SURE AS HELL DONT WANT TO HEAR THEM IN MY ROSARIO+VAMPIRE. PLEASE KEEP THEM OUT OF IT! The voice casting for Kurumu, mmmmmmmm. Brina Palencia in my opinion would be better off voicing Ruby unless she can really sell it as everyone’s favorite blue haired Succubus. Monica Rial is perfect for little Yukari. I’ve never heard her sing before so i’ll be looking forward to it. include the Desu’s if you can. Now Mizore is my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E CHARACTER AND I SWEAR TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD IN HEVEN ABOVE THAT IF FUNIMATION RUINS HER I WILL PERSONALLY RUIN YOU! NOW I’VE NEVER HEARD OF TIA BALLARD AND I HOPE I DONT REGRET HEARING ABOUT HER. EVER SINCE SETO NO HANAYOME WAS MURDERD I’VE AVIODED ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING EVER DONE BY FUNIMATION. YOU GUYS USE THE SAME VOICES ALL THE TIME AND I’M SURE THAT IT WONT KILL YOU TO GET SOME FRESH VIOCES. That’s everything i have to say on the matter. oh yeah, WHEN I HEAR THIS IN ENGLISH I EXPECT TO HEAR MOKA SAY K-A-P-U-C-H-U-U!!!!!!!! AND DONT DUB REBORN. YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH VOICES TO MAKE UP HALF THE CAST WITHOUT US HEARING THE SAME VOICE COME OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THREE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS!

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