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Introducing a newly developed stamper from Nikon 8cm High-density CD-R Stamper

Dec. 24, 2004


Tokyo, Japan: Nikon Corporation president, Shoichiro Yoshida, recently announced that the company has successfully developed a new 8cm high-density CD-R stamper. Discs produced from this stamper feature a memory size of 300MB (CD recordable time: 34 min.) which is remarkably big when compared to existing 8cm CD-Rs. It should also be noted that the disc is compatible with existing CD players and CD writers.

By introducing this product, Nikon intends to create a new business opportunity; supplying Nikon original stampers to CD-R disc manufacturers throughout the world.

Development Background

The most popular form of recordable media is the CD-R/RW, usually at 12cm. Total production volume this year is estimated to be 3.5 billion units worldwide, with expected demand for the year 2001 at 5 billion units. On the other hand, the 3.5-inch floppy disc market is worth a projected 2 billion units. The total demand for recordable media is believed to be around 7 billion units globally.

At present, the smaller size CD-R market (8cm or card type) represents approximately 10% of the total CD-R market. However, Nikon expects that this new 8cm CD-R will replace the floppy disc and experience increased demand as a new, data-recordable medium, thanks to the following features:

  1. portability: almost the same size as a floppy disc
  2. large memory size: 300 times larger memory than that of a floppy disc
  3. compatibility with existing CD drives

Detailed Features of the Nikon 8cm High-density CD-R Stamper

Memory size of existing 8cm CD-Rs is generally 185MB (CD recordable time: 21 min.). Now Nikon has developed a process to achieve high density through an original track structure, while the produced disc is compatible with existing CD drives for recording or replay. We have attained a memory size of 300MB, more than 1.5 times the size of existing models. The key technology responsible for this breakthrough is now patent pending in several countries around the world.

8cm CD-Rs are expected to become the standard for recording digital images, music, and data, thanks to their large memory size. They can contain moving picture data (MPEG4 *1) of up to one hour, or six hours of music data (MP3 *2) on a single disc.

In the near future, Nikon aims to achieve much higher density for 8cm CD-Rs; up to 350MB (CD recordable time: 40 min.). In addition, higher density 8cm CD-RWs that are re-writable, with 4x - 10x high speed, are under development for increased density of greater than 300MB.

Moving picture experts group 4: one of the compression standards for moving pictures
MPEG1/Audio Layer3: one of the compression standards for music signals

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.

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