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Top Classical Picks for 2010
BachDrawn from the reviews written for AllMusic in 2010, this substantial and varied list presents the classical albums that won top marks from the staff. It's as eclectic as the tastes of the editors and writers who contributed, and reflects the ever-increasing diversity of the field of classical music.

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AllMusic's Favorite Indie Pop & Rock Albums of…
The AllMusic editors are recapping the year in recordings with well over a dozen posts in which they present their favorites within specific genres and styles. Right now, on the AllMusic Blog, they provide more of their favorite indie pop and rock releases of 2010. Continuing on from A-M, this half of the alphabet provides just as many pop thrills, chills and spills as did the first. Check the album pages linked in each post for reviews and samples, and make sure you also check AllMusic Loves 2010 -- the editors' personal lists of albums and tracks -- as well as the overall feature on new albums and classical releases.

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AllMusic Loves 2010
The ArchAndroidLooking back at 2010 from one vantage point, the year can seem like a collection of musical miniatures, songs and albums designed for nothing more than satisfying a specific niche. But taken from another angle, 2010 was filled with big ideas so compelling they could not be confined to a small audience. Late in the year, Kanye West delivered the heavyweight My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, an album so singular in its madness that it could not help but dominate year-end retrospectives. But he was hardly the only artist to attempt a masterwork...

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