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going to all nations

The IFES worldwide fellowship provides one of the most vibrant mission fields ever. Be part of it! Workers are needed to minister to students, to support national movements and to spread the IFES vision. You too can invest your time and skills in a ministry with wide-reaching impact.

world mission

World mission is one of the core three goals of IFES and its national movements. We want to equip and encourage students to take the gospel to every nation on earth and to be part of the Church's testimony to the good news. We pray that students and graduates will be witnessing communities of salt and light in every area of society and culture.

From two-week summer teams and year-long placements, to long-term missionary roles or volunteering at home, IFES and national movements welcome Christians who want to be involved in their regular activities, pioneering ministry, and evangelistic outreach.

Whether you are a current student, a recent graduate with a vision for student ministry, or an individual with experience in the secular workplace; a pioneer or a mentor; an evangelist or an administrator; the IFES Fellowship offers a range of diverse roles for those who wish to serve student ministry.


Many national movements organise programs for students and recent graduates to experience campus ministry in a different context. To share just a few examples:

InterVarsity/USA and Inter-Varsity Canada run at least 25 global projects each summer, sending students on month-long missions trips, mainly outside North America.

In Francophone Africa, student movements work together to run several cross-cultural evangelistic teams in the mid-year break.

Across Eurasia, Central Europe and Western Europe, about 100 young graduates serve each year with IFES InterAction supporting national movements in their ministry among local and international students.

how to apply

If you are a student, we suggest you contact your national movement to see where you can be involved.

If you are not a student but would like to find out how to serve abroad in student ministry, contact the relevant regional team for details of the region's needs and opportunities, or contact IFES InterAction for details of opportunities in Europe and Eurasia.

IFES InterAction

IFES InterAction coordinates year-long placements and summer projects for young people who want to serve alongside an IFES movement in Europe or Eurasia.

Working on a small team of both nationals and internationals, you would be involved in a range of activities - depending on the context - such as evangelistic and social events, Bible study, discipleship and training. We are always keen to hear from people interested in serving as team members and team leaders, people with a willingness to offer their gifts and skills to support indigenous student ministry abroad.

The well-developed InterAction teams program has, over the years, been an invaluable support to young national movements working in difficult contexts where the harvest is plentiful but the workers and resources are few. Moreover, it has been formative in the lives of the young people who have taken part; developing their gifts, growing their faith, and preparing many for longer-term ministry overseas.

'Team members say that they invariably receive much more than they give: they discover a surprising amount about themselves and about God's goodness and power to help them. Commitment to team ministry and relationships provides a framework both for support and accountability.'

Find out more by visiting the IFES InterAction website.

Students are at the centre of our vision.

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Our achievements to date have been made possible, under God, through the support of people like you. Your help enables us to continue to move this inspiring vision forward.

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