Disturbing Sex Kitten French Vogue Photoshoot Featuring Children

This issue of French Vogue features a truly disturbing photo shoot featuring young girls (around 6 years old) in heavy make-up, high heels and designer clothes. Some pictures actually “sexualize” these girls by placing them in strange settings.

Notice the presence of feline prints in many photos – a reference Sex Kitten programming (aka Beta Programming). Lost of innocence, premature sexualization, awkward settings, ritual abuse, blank stares…the pics truly reek of mind controlled children.

“Cadeaux” means “gifts” and, in the context of this last pic, the term takes a truly sickening meaning.

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  1. Missayah says:

    What the eff is this BS??!

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    • Sarah says:

      Twisted isn’t the word. But how crazy is the theory now the Jon Benet Ramsey probably was fataly injured in some sick sex ritual hosted by her parents?! Not so much when you see pure pedophilia called “art.” When a society locks people up for life for drug crimes but child rapists get paroled, you know you’re living in a f’d up world with sick ass priorities!

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    • MK Ultra Stooge says:

      i just like how the highest rated comment offers the least substance…that says alot about VC and his sheeps…err followers

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  2. Tasteless says:

    Oh wow, that’s really inappropriate.

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  3. Alyssa says:

    this is seriously nauseating.. materialism, exploitation of children, teaching them that looks matter most. and then putting her as a gift under the tree? so unnecessary

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  4. Yaminess says:

    This is so disturbing, I can’t even begin to describe…

    With teenage pregnancy rising more and more, society really can’t afford anymore stupid girls getting knocked up so we the taxpayer support them the rest of their days.

    But girls (and boys, mind you) are just so plugged into the system that they don’t care about anything other than the instant gratification of entertainment…

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  5. thinkerbell says:

    oh dear, more and more paedophiles coming up :(

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  6. Sammy says:

    mind control or not this is still f*cked up .. I can’t imagine who are the parents who would put there girls through some thing like this

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    • godozo says:

      Who says they’re all girls? Sure they’re all made up as girls, but at least two of the pictures actually look boyish.

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      • jeff says:

        godozo….honestly if u look closely at them….every single one of them has features of a boy…..i think this shit is even sicker than meets the eye….they’re trying to confuse the mind like they have in so many other instances….and reality is we won’t even know but one thing i do know is that this world is a real fucked up place….god save us

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        • CWR says:

          It’s all about the money, GREED! GREED! GREED! Not even the children’s parents gives a damn! Otherwise, they would not have been in these pages. Don’t you see, It is we who created the monsters that we have today, preying on our children. May God helps is right!

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        • Dawn says:

          Oh my God, I just noticed that indeed at least one them IS a boy, it’s the one in the 1st, 2nd, the middle one in the 5th , 7th and 8th picture. That one is heavily sexualized and covered in the prints and as the gift. If that isn’t pedofilia then what the heck it’s supposed to be??

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  7. godozo says:

    One Word: Anime.

    Especially the third picture.

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  8. amyra2003 says:


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  9. EstherOkure says:

    This is just plain inappropriate. God deliver these kids and straighten the thoughts of their parents.

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  10. IstanbulDream says:

    This is DISGUSTING!!! But hey this is Vogue, so it’s art :-/

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  11. Boo_is_me says:

    ffffwhoa…Im a little speechless. Sexualisation of CHILDREN let alone grown adults in the media. This is wrong, full stop.

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    • Essential Truth says:

      They don’t want kids to be just kids anymore…they are robbing their youth and trying to make it look trendy and fashionable. Kids today are trying to grow up waaay to fast …mostly because society is telling them they can.

      but….Parents are suppose to protect their children & teach them how to act but with everyone letting TV’s babysit their kids until their adults im not really shocked…especially when their idols from Disney are now making it look cool to do drugs and dress like sluts etc…

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  12. Esther says:

    Boycott any of this shit magazines, write to editor and publisher, what a crime!!!

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  13. wonderfuljot says:

    As a french girl who was born and lived in France I can honestly say that “the watchers” have full control over the french population. Affairs and infidelitys are accepted as mainstream. Woman are objectified and men are in sexual control of at least 2 in their normal daily lives. These young girls are being trained to be nothing but child bearing sex slaves. The lucky ones let their handlers buy them fancy clothes and jewlery in exchange for their discretion keeping secrets of 2 or even 3 mistresses. Its appalling.

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  14. Not Blind says:

    Completely disgusting! The magazine should be charged with conducting/promoting the exploitation of minors. The picture of the girl with the toothbrush (I think it’s a toothbrush) is certainly simulating the act of oral sex. I bet every paedophile will have this picture taped about their beds. The fact that she looks as though she is of Asian/Oriental descent reeks of Cambodia where children are used as sex slaves. This magazine needs to be pulled and an investigation launched into the photographer, editor, and parents who have allowed this to happen. Turns my stomach!

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  15. mj says:

    Wow….now see, at first glance, most of these would be considered truly beautiful–because I think that it could pass for art, ya know? Sure the makeup was extreme, and the outfits were mature, but almost all little girls dress up that way and put on makeup during play time and would Love to have a photo shoot…And I LOVE stuff like that–but all the feline references everywhere just shows that it’s all about the whole sex kitten programing thing–which–if you don’t know about it–do some Google’ing and prepare yourself for the horrors you’ll find. That stuff is truly terrifying and I found it difficult to look these beautiful little girls in their eyes as I insepcted the pictures, because I wonder what they’re going through right now, or went through that day. I’m not kidding–that shit is SCARY, UNBELIEVABLE stuff.. God please be with them and help them, all of them..

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    • savedbygrace says:

      Yeah, sure most little girls dress-up in mommy’s clothes, shoes, and make-up at home for play. But, these girls are in sexualized posses and in an adult magazine!!!! Good point someone made about the rabbits being a symbol of fertility, you know that was no accident by the photographer. So what are they implying? Just sick.

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      • Hmmm says:

        So true. While I was looking at that pic in particular, the rabbits really jumped out at me (pardon the pun) and I KNEW they were some sick symbol, I just couldn’t think of what it was…. now I got it. Un-freaking-believable.

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    • Bella says:

      I agree….this illuminati shit is so scary!! When I first found Vigilant I felt like I MYSELF fell down the rabbit hole! I can’t believe this stuff actually exists! But we are in a spiritual warfare of good versus evil.

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  16. AbooZayd says:

    The little girls are playing with rabbits. In paganism the Rabbit is a symbol of fertility. Happy Easter.


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    • malcom xy says:

      Yea i was abut to say the same thing as you. The rabbit is a symbols of fertility in the pagan world. In France the way we call a womanizer or player is ” show lapin’ which mean the rabbit’s show. They use this term in reference of the rabbit fertility . It is disgusting and we all know that all those ELITES people ( politicians, celebrities religious leaders ) are pedophiles. Anyone can go look up on Google. Most of the high level Freemason males are pedophiles. They are totally perverted, homosexuals, orgies and what not.

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  17. BRANDI says:

    why does the girl in the 2nd pic have on a plunging neckline??? she’s not even old enough to have boobies but here she is in a bed posing…that’s sick. and is the girl in the 3rd pic supposed to be demonstrating fellatio???

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  18. Marty says:

    Disturbing and possibly criminal – How are they getting away with THIS blatant exploitation?

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  19. Sarah Connor says:

    This makes me so sick to my stomach I can’t even find the words. And so sad for these little girls. Look into their eyes……some of them it’s like their souls are in mourning, and others just look so scared. I just want to take them home with me and rescue them from all the scum who are exploiting them. I”m betting there is a special place in hell for those involved in MK.

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  20. AF says:

    that sick,really sick.fucking vogue is trying to help the child predators out.

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  21. Kathleen says:

    “Moreover, in these unhappy times, there will be unbridled luxury which, acting thus to snare the rest into sin, will conquer innumerable frivolous souls who will be lost. Innocence will almost no longer be found in children, nor modesty in women.”

    Marian Apparition
    Visionary: Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres
    Quito, Ecuador
    Early 17th Century

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  22. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • TheGoodFight says:

      …..yeah, and those child beauty pageants are just as WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW do the child subjects look like they are having a good time??? Truly sick.

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    • Shocked says:

      @oldParasiteSingle How do you know what child predators like? And while heavy makeup looks wrong on a child in any setting, this images have blatant sexual implications. Why would you defend this? How could anyone find this acceptable?

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  23. RaiyuuxEli says:

    The last picture with the girl under the Christmas tree is purely sad and vile. What does her father think of this? I know damn well that my parents would beat the crap out of me if I were to engage in sexual stimulating ordeals such as this. I mean seriously! Not only are they preparing to be future sex symbols but they are also giving children their age something to “look up” to and something to admire and strive for. These poor children. What a sad sad world. :(

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  24. Kira says:


    Even from a young age, this is all they will ever say of us. This is all they will ever see; woman, the lesser being, is nothing more than a symbol of sex.

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  25. Sheena says:

    Don’t these kids have PARENTS?!

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    • Nora says:

      Their Parents are already F’Up to begin with; drug addicts, pedophiles…….., this is why the Elite chose these girls in the first place.

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  26. 99 says:

    That’s just mental…..
    Really… How fucked up is this world?

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  27. chris b says:

    these kids are most likely mk ultra. as the sickos known as the illuminati are getting them ready to be your next celebritys when there older so they can continue to brain wash the sheeple

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  28. some.bloke says:

    This is so sick. I cannot believe what I have just seen. I would imagine that every paedophile has these photos pinned to the wall, for their ‘enjoyment’. The blank expressions on these poor kids faces make them look like the victims of abuse. If nothing else, these childrens’ human rights have been violated. Whoever commissioned these photographs and the photographer responsible for them should be prosecuted for child abuse. God help us.

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  29. They Live says:

    Sadly this further confirms who’s running the fashion industry and why the models, mainly women, have to have these rail thin bodies. Grown women who physically look like children/boys. I’m sure they were happy to do a shoot where they didn’t have to get women of legal age, they just went right to what they always try to portray. If they could do it, and all roads seem to lead to it, the entire fashion industry would be only for children ages 2-8, 10-12 may be pushing it just a bit.

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  30. Fierce&Fearless says:

    I wonder what types of parents would actually let these people dress their kids like that and put on that much make-up on them.LORD have mercy!!!

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  31. Hmmm says:

    This is absolutely sick and turns my stomach. Interesting use of a toothbrush by the way. Absolutely, 100% disgusting and the sickos who publish this cr*p should be punished.

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  32. adam says:

    All these people are child porn pedophiles. They make me sick, and what is worse is the parents who let their kids participate in such crap for the opportunity of fame and fortune.

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  33. i am linking this article at my forum, this is absolutely insane that they are pushing shit like this ever increasing, and getting away with it. thank you for finding this and publishing it.

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  34. And so so... says:

    I hope I’m not looking into things too much but who takes photos of brushing your teeth or whatever she’s got in her mouth (3rd photo)?? Sexual imagery much??

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    • scene_ofexistence says:

      Dont worry, Your not ‘looking into it too deep’! Theyre assulting yours and my minds by putting that connotation in there! Most people looking at it thinks the same! wow… I feel violated that my brain is being brought to those connotations!

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    • TheGoodFight says:

      I thought that was very odd too.

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  35. DD says:

    *screams and runs away in horror*

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  36. Grace says:

    I just came across this on another site on fashion as well. It disturbs me like crazy! My first thought was of that nude photoshoot Brooke Shields’ mother thought was a good idea at the time (maybe even now..). Children are meant to be cute and lively, not sullen and poutish.. Not giving blank stares in heavy make up and high heels!! Yet all this is probably no big deal in Europe, since they have a very relaxed culture there and I’m probably more on the prudish side.

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    • 27moni says:

      that is what i thought of and the movie “kids”. The entertainment industry just loves to get their hands on kids with irresponsible, money hungry parents

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  37. Me from Colombia says:

    The future Karen Mulders OMG

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  38. kash says:

    That first image shocked me, wtf ?

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  39. eclectic says:

    Another way people can boycott this is through avoiding buying certain perfumes…I am not someone who wears designer clothes but I used to buy some of the perfumes like Versace, and don’t anymore.
    Diane von Furstenburg is definitely one to avoid…she was one of the many celebs who supported
    the non imprisonment/punishment of Roman Polanski (Hollywood film director) Polanski being guilty of drugging, raping and sod*mising a 14 year old girl. Her fashion shows are also full of the leopard print clothing which as someone else mentioned here, is symbolic of MK ULTRA ‘sex kitten’ programming (Many celebrities, such as Britney, Christina A, Rihanna, and Gaga were programmed into this from a young age (for Brit and Christina A, via the Mickey Mouse Club), as well as many top models also. Hence the connection.)
    The fashion industry is truly a very ugly place, I’m realising more and more, guilty of glamorising anorexia and hard drug addiction. Though this is taking the depravity to a whole new low…this sucks :/
    I also agree with the person who says boycott magazines like this…

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  40. I read in the paper just today that the long time editor of French Vogue has resigned.

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  41. annonymous says:


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  42. Knight says:

    Wow,those pictures are super chic.

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  43. Yeshua says:

    I truly believe their goal is to also confuse the sheeps.
    First photo, you’re looking at it wondering if it’s really a boy or a girl because s/he has both features.
    Pedophiles and homosexuality, isn’t that what their aiming for? Look at all the mainstream videos, and glee too. Did you guys see the glee “baby it’s cold outside” two males singing to each other? Goodness and everyone wanted them to KISS.

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  44. eleven says:

    This is just plain filth…… stuff like this should truly be illegal… just giving the pedophiles more ammunition to feed their sickness… oh thank God that this will soon be over….

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  45. xtiaan says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Consent says:

      How do you explain the kitten references?

      Most women fantasized about taking pictures as kittens when they were little girls right?

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    • Me from Colombia says:

      Cadeau means gift in french. In case you didn’t know. Are they intending to say that kids should get this “sexy” clothes as gifts or that the oversexed children could be used as “gifts”? What about the girl under the Christmas tree?

      Vogue is an adult magazine, so why using kids instead of adult models? Think about it.

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      • wax says:

        Is Cadeu possibly the photographed gift they advertise as suitable for children? Children that should be roaming in the gardens with knees bearing the signs of the latest fall from the bike (worked for me, at last)… That’s bad.
        Subliminally the child “itself” is a Cadeau, maybe? That’s worse.

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    • wax says:

      Personally, I find these photos disturbing because I hear about parents having trouble having photographed their own children on the beach. In other words, children can be exploited by the magazines while normal families must behave not to raise suspicion.
      This is not news at all, of course. The same government that advocates control of internet here in Italy is headed by a guy who has 3 television channels. One of them aired for year a show with scantily clad teens dancing and stuff. That was supposed to be for teens, and in fact if you look it with innocence it was not as suggestive as this photos IIRC. But then they aired the reruns. After Midnight! Teens are supposed to be at 2AM watching tv???no wai the target is obviously different.

      Does the system want paedophilia to rise so that there is another way to criminalize people? hmmmm.

      About this photo set I would not even bother to read subliminal messages as the explicit message is clear enough: little ladies are old enough to dress in expensive dresses and imitate sexy grown-ups. Ain’t that scary enough?

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    • Hmmm says:

      You need to do a little more homework. Can’t women be pedophiles too? And if this imagery is aimed at young (under age 25) women…. um, they’re impressionable too, quite so actually, and the magazine publishers/advertisers all know this. It teaches women to accept this treatment as OK (for themselves or their daughters), through incremental exposure…. a VERY elementary concept.

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  46. Consent says:

    this is really disturbing.

    2nd pic, the ankle bracelets looks like ropes, sex slave implication?

    5th pic, it gives the impression that the girls are infront a mirror, but really there is no mirror, broken mirrors perhaps?

    7th pic, black red white kittens masonic floor

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  47. Consent says:

    also in the second pic, the rabbit’s eyes to the girl’s left (our right) is fixed on her private area

    if you look closely at the sheet to the bottom right (our’s)…the long bulging line is implying a men’s penis. the tip or head, if you pay close attention can be seen toward the base of the pic

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  48. Consent says:

    the coloring of the designs of the chair in the first pic is that of a butterfly field. So it looks like the girl is sitting in a butterfly field.

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  49. Consent says:

    the mirror picture…in the post to the far right (our’s) theres a very small pyramid carved out near the top

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  50. Consent says:

    8th pic the girl is basically squeezing her breast.

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  51. Sorority Luchesi says:

    What the hell? It’s bad enough that we have toddler/child beauty pageants but this is going to far… a child shouldn’t be glamorized in this way. Are the people behind this photo shoot pedophiles or something? If Vogue wanted do to do a child issue they should have done something that was age appropriate.

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  52. CCCC says:

    when I saw rabbits and mirrors I thought alice in wonderland, this is failry weak claim though seeing as I’ve nevr seen the actualy movie.
    but if I did I’d like to see the Disney one for the sole sake of the art of old-school 2D animation. doubt I will anytime soon though..

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  53. Consent says:

    the styling of the clothes used in the last pic is very impt…notice how she has the “one shoulder style” thing going on…it gives the impression as if shes undressing with the other shoulder sliding down. Notice how her hands are carefully placed over her private area…it is natural instinct to immediately cover your private area if you’re spotted naked by someone else which is what the last picture is implying…her undressing for a nude photoshoot to be someone by the public…

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  54. Bryant says:

    Who the fu** lets their kids do this, I mean the one with the toothbrush that is absurd.

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  55. yeidy says:

    i just think that the whole thing of the pictures is nasty but i could’nt help but laugh at the little girl with the big blue eyes with the black feathers on top of her head, she just reminded me of a mix between betty davis and lady gaga….

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  56. carl says:

    i am always hurt when i see girls and women being treated like that.i dont kno i have some special feelings abt them,i get sleepless nites when i hear such things or some1 talks abt porn they happen to watch.

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  57. MCP says:

    Strange and disgusting, in the Netherlands we here and read daily, what this person has done to tchildren.
    ( in 2004 a mother of a child already reported this man, of abusing, the police did not do anything, she went away, from the police station with the words, told by an agent, ” children imagine a lot on that age”)

    19-12-2010 this came out today , in the news
    Austria child porn suspects held after nationwide raids

    It looks like a well programmed, EurOpe, media mind control program!

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  58. Kaori says:

    I can look at this pics whit out felling sorry for this kids and getting a feeling it is all off…weird, scary and awful :(

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  59. X says:

    Amazing how so many here complain about “mind control”, yet absorb the poison and brainwashing that has been fed to them by the government, news media, and fear- and hate-mongers like John Walsh.

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  60. souhustle says:

    This is really sick..

    I am NEVER BUYING VOGUE in my life again. AT LEAST.

    I had a thought, maybe its an issue for that same sick elite. SICK.

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  61. Bella says:

    How is this NOT considered child pornography? God damn, let kids be KIDS! When I was 6 years old I wanted to be a ballerina…not a sex kitten. This is truly disgusting. It calls attention to pedophilia, child pornography, human sex trafficking, and of course the favorite: mind control/illuminati agenda. If you find this to be “artistic” then you’re probably the monarch programmed fool who did the photoshoot.

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  62. souhustle says:

    They’re kids but their eyes are like grown-ups………

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  63. Person says:

    This is the epitome of objectification. These photos display these girls as objects of sexual pleasure. It is illustrated that their value lies in their youth, whiteness, wealth, and ability to pleasure men. This is so wrong.

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  64. twin star says:


    well… we have the info we need. now what are we to do.
    i am a woman of faith… but i don’t subscribe to the notion that we will be saved/
    this is a challenge to be met for our species, planet, and the spirit of the people.

    its going to require imagination, courage, confidence, clarity, and care.

    oh, and there is a term from Carl Yung that I’d like to share:

    Enantiodromia (Greek: enantios, opposite + dromos, running course) is a principle introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung that the superabundance of any force inevitably produces its opposite. It is equivalent to the principle of equilibrium in the natural world, in that any extreme is opposed by the system in order to restore balance.

    even though i don’t think we are going to be saved… I do believe there are greater forces at work… laws of nature, and universe, laws of energy and karma- that will align (and are aligning now) for a favorable outcome for ‘the people” … but the people gotta meet them half way.


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  65. holla says:

    Instead of writing: “That’s so f’d up, so f’d up.” for the 423rd time, I say:

    Who gives a crap. I don’t give a crap about the vogue and I don’t give a crap about some celebrity kids.
    I don’t give a crap about fashion, make-up and all that other stuff.

    Have fun letting this be a part of your life. It’s not a part of mine.

    It is somewhat weird, but as I said: I don’t give a rats bottom.

    If you have too much time, get a part-time job, save money and then donate money to children in Asian countries that are forced to be sex-workers due to miserable living conditions.

    Or go out and protest. If you don’t just shut up and keep your 40 half-hearted words for yourself,
    poor internet-world-changer…

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  66. Consent says:

    can you interpret these pics and support your interpretation with symbols and or anything from the scenes?

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  67. Consent says:

    or are you just a loudmouth idiot looking for attention?

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  68. CCCC says:

    personally, besides the sex-kitten programming reference I don’t feel like there are many ‘symbols’ in this particular photoshoot, just more of a “lets fuck up people’s minds” goal. the kids, and the people looking at who subconsciously might find this sexy because of how they’ve pictured these girls.. sick.

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