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About O'Brien's

O'Brien's Response Management is the leading provider of crisis and emergency response services. Founded in the early 1980s, O'Brien's has grown organically and through acquisition so that it now offers the most complete suite of products and services in the emergency management field. Our focus is resilience. We understand resilience as the ultimate measure of an organization and community's strength. It's ability to endure the worst, to recover and resume normal life and activities is the most important attribute of a strong company, agency, organization or community.

O'Brien's has been built over the years by adding experts in all aspects of emergency response. We are unique in the depth and breadth of service, the integration of these services and in the expertise we deliver--both through our full-time professional staff and our extensive network of professionals. Only O'Brien's has the ability to help you prepare, respond, communicate and recover.

Our professionals are recognized experts in the National Incident Management System, the Incident Command System and the Joint Information System and Center. We provide extensive NIMS/ICS/JIC training and all plans are fully NIMS compliant.

  • Emergency Management and Incident Response
  • Regulatory Compliance Planning and Permitting
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity
  • Crisis Communication Plans
  • Facility Security Services
  • Vessel Services
  • Communication and Media Relations
  • Safety Services
  • Training, Drills and Exercises
  • Consulting Services
  • Debris Monitoring
  • Federal Disaster Reimbursement Management


Our History

The history of the O'Brien's name started back in the early 80's when founder Jim O'Brien retired as an officer with the United States Coast Guard. Jim formed his own company, O'Brien Oil Pollution Service, otherwise known as "OOPS", in Slidell, Louisiana. OOPS was acquired by ERST, a US west coast company, to provide nation-wide emergency response coverage. The new combined company was later acquired by SEACOR Holdings Inc. under the SEACOR Environmental Services division in 1997 and later renamed The O'BRIEN'S Group (TOG).

In 2006, The O'BRIEN'S Group acquired Response Management Associates otherwise known as RMA, which strengthened the company’s regulatory compliance and planning capabilities. In September of 2007, The O’BRIEN’S Group announced the acquisition of Solid Resources, Inc. (SRI), a privately held debris management and emergency assistance consulting firm based in Sarasota, Florida. Later SRI was integrated with O’Brien’sRM as the Government Services Division of the company.

In October of 2008, The O’BRIEN’S Group integrated all three divisions, TOG, OOPS, and RMA to join forces and form one full-service and collective company, named O’Brien’s Response Management Inc.(O’Brien’sRM).

In December of 2009, O’Brien’s  completed the successful acquisition of PIER Systems Inc., a crisis communications company that has developed the PIER software application, an all-in-one, web-based solution for communications management, public relations, media monitoring, employee notification, and business continuity.