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Welcome to the world of color.

Whether you’re a designer or printmaker, photographer or filmmaker, or just about any kind of creative pro who deals with visual material, you face the daily challenge of getting your colors just right, of making them at least as rich as those you see in the world around you. This section of the Pro site is designed just for you.

Explore these pages to learn how you can build an efficient and seamless managed workflow for virtual color proofing. It’s simpler than you think.

Find out what color experts — including Jody Turner, James Victore, Petter Ringbom, Matias Bilbao, and Russell Brown — have to say about their favorite colors and how they use them.

Get some insights on how human beings react to color and some pointers on how best to communicate with color from color guru Leatrice Eiseman.

Read artist and author John Paul Caponigro on color theory, color analysis, and how you can see and render color more accurately through color graphing and gauging saturation.

Get tips on how to make the most of color tools from both Apple and third-party companies.

And more. Bookmark this section and come back often. We’ll be updating it regularly.


Caponigro on Color:
Simultaneous Contrast & The Temperature of Color

In his latest installments, renowned fine artist John Paul Caponigro discusses the nature of contrast — light and dark, warm and cold, saturated and less saturated — and homes in on the temperature of color.

Read “Simultaneous Contrast” and “The Temperature of Color” to make of the most of your colors on your Mac.


Sarajo Frieden:
Color Never Sleeps

Artist Sarajo Frieden — whose work has appeared in magazines, cookbooks, CD pakaging, TV commercials, to name a few — has this to say about color:

Color is about relationships.

Color has mood, temperament.

Working with color is a wonderfully intuitive process that never ends.



Image Editing in ColorSync

The ColorSync Utility in Mac OS X Tiger can be used to modify an image file. You can use it to add effects, change the color space, resample the image, or correct the colors and brightness. Here are a few examples of you how you can use the ColorSync Utility.

Converting Color Values

When selecting colors for a project that needs to reproduce color consistently regardless of delivery format (web, print, dvd, etc.), use the ColorSync Utility to ensure that the colors being specified do not shift too drastically when converted.