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Spencer S. Eccles Rail Center

Renovations were completed in the summer of 2008. A new ramp allowing access to the Hospital and Railroad Postal Car is installed and the cars are opened at 11:00am and 3:00pm for tours (weather permitting), the new landscaping and outdoor patio are beautiful. We are excited to have this project complete.

old rail center


On display, the kings of the Wasatch Mountains, locomotives that were designed to pull large trains over steep Western terrain. The 833 pictured on the left is one of the last remaining Union Pacific Northerns This 4-8-4 represents the zenith of steam power. This 833 saw both freight and passenger service between Utah and Wyoming. As technology progressed, trains were pulled by jet engine turbines such as the X-26 turbine. Also featured is a restored Red Cross Hospital Car, Railroad Post Office Car and the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Cauldron Car. Cars opened by request. The Spencer S. and Hope Fox Eccles Railroad Center was dedicated May 12, 1989. The Wattis-Dumke Model Railroad recreates Northern Utah’s rail topography.



  833wheels hospital car  
833 Steam Locomotive
Hospital Car
  olympic car 3 olympic car  
2002 Olympic Cauldron Car

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