SWEATER Alexander Wang | SHORTS | CARDIGAN | BOOTS Acne | HAT Neff | TIGHTS Abercrombie and Fitch

SWEATER | SCARF Jimmy Choo | WOOL BERET John Lewis | WOOL COAT Surface to Air | LEATHER PANTS Balmain | BOOTS Frye | LEATHER GLOVES Karen Millen

SWEATER Fred Flare | SCARF Coal | HAT | JACKET Burberry | JEANS JBrand | RUBBER BOOTS (with Hunter Socks) Hunter | GLOVES

SHIRT Proenza Schouler | SWEATER Bodkin | SCARF Mod Cloth | HAT Topshop | SHEARLING JACKET Acne | JEANS 7 for All Mankind | TIGHTS falke | BOOTS Blondo | MITTS Barneys

Time certainly flies when you’re enjoying yourself, and with all the fun I’ve been having as a blogger for LG Fashion, I’ve almost forgotten that this is our last week–and that this will be my last post! What can I say…it’s been a blast! I definitely enjoyed reporting on trends and sharing my personal style with everyone, and I will certainly miss reading the other bloggers’ stylish posts and catching up on all the fashionable ‘Strut it Sweepstakes’ entries on Facebook. In a way, I’m sad to be leaving such a wonderful and lively fashion community, but also glad to have been a part of it. Now before I get all emotional on you, I’ll leave you with a little parting gift–a guide on how to stay warm, while still looking cute.


Staying warm and adjusting to our surroundings is a basic animal/human instinct–how else would we survive? When the weather gets cold, animals either a) hibernate b) grow thicker fur or c) migrate. And since humans can’t do any of those things (well, some of the luckier ones get to go on a vacay) I thought I’d make up a guide on how to survive various stages of cold weather while still looking cute–a huge challenge, if I ever saw one. Besides, as a seasoned Winnipegger, who would be better to guide you through this stuff? Trust me, variations of these outfits have been personally tested out many times before in their actual, meant-for temperatures, and they’re practically fool-proof! You really don’t need to bring out your parka until it hits -20 deg Celcius if you know the trick to staying warm… 


STAGE ONE: +5 -0 DEG CELCIUS This one is pretty self explanatory. I only added tights because I know lots of people complain of this temperature range as being cold, but that is seriously considered warm here. If it’s this warm out, I’m going bare-legged, people! That said, at this temperature range, I would take the opportunity to wear ridic high shoes out now before it snows because once it does, it’s heavy boots with grip from there on.  

STAGE TWO: 0 -5 DEG CELCIUS Leather pants and a wool coat will be enough to keep you warm.The boots are Frye, and when worn with thick socks, should be more than adequate to keep out slush. 

STAGE THREE: -5 -10 DEG CELCIUS The coldest I can brave in just jeans is about -10 degrees, with a slight breeze. You should be fine in this outfit even if it’s snowing out, because the wellies with socks will be super cozy (not to mention waterproof!) and any leather jacket layered on top of a knit sweater will definitely keep you warm! 

STAGE FOUR: -10 -15 DEG CELCIUS Yes, it’s pretty cold out, but it’s still not that cold. I find that if you layer well enough you can still get away with wearing jeans and a leather jacket! The trick is to layer knit tights under jeans–it’s discreet, it’s easy and most of all, you’ll only be slightly uncomfortable, haha! Beware wearing too-thick tights under already tight jeans (you want to wear looser, stretch jeans). You wan’t to stay warm, not cut off your circulation! Also, these sleek, riding boot-style Blondo boots are perfect for this weather–they’re waterproof and lined, proving you don’t need to wear clunky winter boots to keep your feet cozy and dry. Not just yet, anyway;) 

Stay tuned and watch my blog (CHEAP THRILLS)  for a part two, where I take on temperatures of up to -40 degrees Celcius! (Yes it actually happens) 

xx Raez

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