Of hypocritical, vindictive and disrespectful pundits in North America

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By: Essa Thaim Kurugba, De New APC Firewall, USA :

It’s really too much at stake here in North America to what is really going on especially around us. People are bleeding with lies and deceitfulness within themselves. Why? Many of us mistakenly believe that it’s wrong or conceited, to think we don’t have good qualities within ourselves. We may spend a lot of time berating and haranguing ourselves for our negative qualities and thinking that self-criticism is the key to improving our pathetic and deceitful performance in our political lives. However, with such a defiance behavior by some members and a constant focus on their supposed shortcomings in our political stage, this repugnance and disrespecting authorities of our APC can hinder our efforts to make new political friends with other people who respect the command and our political leaders.

 Listen to yourself as a hypocrite political pundit, how can you have the confidence to make new friends if you think you don’t have much to offer? How can we believe that others could like us if we believe our inner being is flawed, blemished and faulty? Or if we think we are too boring to interest anyone else?  We may wonder what anyone else would see in us if we don’t see any good or the quality of respect embedded ourselves. We appropriated our deceitfulness and untrustworthiness for others to be attracted and more respective to us so they will join our party, they must be able to easily see our best qualities of our attitudinal behavior, unfortunately, we still have members who are still disrespecting our leaders. Listen to this for others who are pigheaded and adamant; if we focus on our good qualities, respecting our authorities, we will have much more confidence that we have something of value to offer in a relationship with the members who would like to join our worthy passage.

 My word to those ones who voluntarily running their empty lies, showing their facades gestures as a sign of disrespecting our political authorities, clergy men, experts, using the party leader’s name  as a smokescreen and our senior party affiliates within our domain here in North America, they have over stepped their limits.

If you wish to be socially or politically successful in North America and Sierra Leone, it’s important to accept the fact that not everybody is going to like you under all circumstances. Not everyone is going to like the package you come in, especially when you have a political agenda, a flip-flopper and a political prostitute which has revealed to us on the first day you join this organization with others. My opinion is that, every person has a unique pattern of likes and dislikes which were formed long before they met you. If you are rejected and dumped by the side of the road by our political leaders, don’t think you have to condemn yourself as a failure if it seems that someone else doesn’t like you. Listen to yourself, respect the experts, the authorities, your comrades and sequentially, others will respect and like you.

 Let me put it this way, if by any chance some political pundits seems to dislike you by not taking you seriously, the reason for that dislike might have little or nothing to do with you but blame yourself for allowing others to push you around for nothing. Literally, the person who doesn’t like you might be fearful of your deceitfulness, “gon-gossa”, or too shy to tell you that you ought to know better and stop being impudent and a political chameleon. Perhaps you and that person are simply a mismatch for each other at this particular time. Don’t take yourself out of the game by deciding that your flaws are bigger than your assets. In fact, some of the very qualities you consider to be flaws may be irresistible to someone else. For all the factors that might cause many people to reject you, there are at least as many factors that will work in your favor with someone else but not with the APC party.

 You may be a deceitful member within your hopeless and useless domain, drive a shabby car, but you might be a great dancer and a loyal friend to some of your political stalemates, some members don’t care and to whatever result that comes out your pathetic life, blame that all to your jealousy attitude. There are people out there looking for loyalty, or transparency, or solemnity, and the package it comes in with it, is not important. But if you are worried that you have to shove decisions and wants down in our throats to appease your pathetic friends, uproot what the God Almighty had planted, you have to also keep in mind that not everyone is looking for your sweet talks.

 Remember, if you can decide to feel inferior because of moral behavior (attitude), you don’t have to be boot-licking round your party members.  Moreover, if you cannot sustain in paying your chapter dues, don’t push others to the limit, if not you are doing yourselves a big mistake. You can now believe that this is one of the reasons that you don’t have many friends to listen your bunkum.

 On the other hand, if you are a die-hard APC supporter, you may be suspicious that everyone is after your money or your personalities and that nobody really likes you as a person. At this point, you can fixate on just about anything and believe it’s the reason that you’re not appreciated; you may not have friends and cannot make any.

Conclusively, when you are out there meeting people on the wrong side of the road and trying to knock other people’s heads for you to look good in the eyes of our political leaders, using our leader’s name as a smokescreen, frequently, please try to refrain of being jealous of the political appointment given to others. Try to abstain and step aside – “God’s Time Is The Best”. Be mindful that, when all said and done, it’s only a matter of time before you meet other people who will appreciate you. Always learn to relax. Instead of berating yourself for some perceived shortcoming, concentrate on the good qualities you have to offer.

 Respect our political leaders, experts and their ruling classes. Realize that there is an audience for your particular combination of; deceit, untrustworthiness, corruption, and go look for those people who will appreciate you and be like them. Respect the APC party, President Koroma, Rev. Kabbs Kanu, Ambassador Stevens and many more, so that others will respect you.

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