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A Tangled Web 2
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'A Tangled Web 2'
August 8th 2009
Philadelphia, PA
  1. John Zandig addresses the packed CZW Arena with a pair of very special and emotional inductions into the CZW Ultraviolent Hall of Fame. The first to go in was CZW Original, longtime trainer in the CZW Academy and multiple-time Tag Team Champion Jon Dahmer. The second came in the form of the man known simply as "The Man"... Nick F'N Gage. As expected, The King of Ultraviolence soaked in the adulation of the standing ovation from the CZW crowd as he accepted his plaque from Zandig.

    Following the Hall of Fame inductions, the boss took the opportunity to deliver a few well-deserved, and overdue Thank You's to a few very imporant members of the CZW Family. Those who received recognition from Zandig for their tireless commitment to the success of CZW included Mark "WHACKS" Pantalone, production specialist Michael Pancoast, Promoter Maven Bentley, and the backbone of CZW - Sabine and "Scrawny" Shawny, who have literally done it all to keep CZW afloat over the past decade and change. As Zandig said himself, the decade and more of unparalelled Ultraviolence would not have been possible without the help of those mentioned. Of course, all these annoncement were a precursor to the major announcement that followed shortly thereafter.

    With the attentive eyes of the wrestling world upon him, Zandig then uttered the words that changed the face of CZW forever. After more than ten years at the helm of wrestling's most Ultraviolent organization, the Boss had finally decided that it was time to step down, and ride off into the "Ultraviolent Sunset". Citing a number of personal issues, and a desire to move on with the next phase of his life, Zandig told the CZW fans that he had sold the Company that he built with his bare hands, and was leaving its future in the now trusted hands of the once despised DJ Hyde. With the support of those in attendance, the CZW legend made it clear that the decision to sell, and move on was not easy, and he would not have done it without the full confidence in DJ to follow his vision, and lead CZW into the next decade of groundbreaking wrestling action.

    Shortly after Zandig finished his address, the emotional and touching moment was ruined by the Switchblade Conspiracy. Sami Callihan, Jon Moxley and "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy attacked the departing boss and issued a despicable beatdown... bloodying the Icon before being run off by the WIFEBEATER himself... who after saving the day was immediately inducted into the CZW Hall of Fame.
  2. Greg Excellent def. Rich Swann, B-Boy, Devon Moore, Facade, Ryan McBride, Spyral BKNY and Mike Sydal to win the Aerial Assault Match
  3. Drew Gulak def. Jon Dahmer after distraction from Rodney Rush
  4. Tyler Veritas and Adam Cole def. the BLKOUT, Team Macktion and the Spanish Armada (LJ Cruz and Alex Colon) in a Tag Team Four-Way
  5. The Best Around def. The H8 Club in a "CZW Style" match to retain the World Tag Team Championship
  6. Danny Havoc def. Masada to retain the Ultraviolent Underground Title in a match that featured Panes of Glass, Barbed Wire and more
  7. Chainsaw Joe Gacy def. xOMGx
  8. Ego Fantastico def. Drew Blood in a Ladder Match to retain the CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
  9. The Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley) def. The Naptown Dragons (Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz) in a Tangled Web Deathmatch

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