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Decision '08
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'Decision '08'
October 11th 2008
Philadelphia, PA
  1. GNC (Alex Colon & Joe Gacy) and EMO defeated LJ Cruz, Adam Cole and HDTV
  2. Jon Dahmer defeated Teddy Stigma
  3. Drake Younger comes to the ring and tells the fans that he is sick of some people crying and he promises an ultraviolent night. "Hollywood" Dylan Summers interrupted Drake, causing Zandig to show a CZW film of the Necro Butcher. Zandig told Summers that if the 'Necro Butcher' does not return, Summers might be out of CZW. Zandig then stated that the fans had made some good decisions and could make another. Fans will be able to vote on the official forum for which wrestler worked the hardest and that wrestler will receive a cash bonus from the boss.
  4. Drew Blood defeated Ryan McBride
  5. 2 Girls, 1 Cup defeated Team AnDrew to become the NEW CZW Tag Team Champions
  6. BLK-OUT defeated 2 Girls 1 Cup to become the NEW CZW Tag Team Champions
  7. BLK-OUT defeated the H8 Club to retain the CZW Tag Team Champions
  8. B-Boy defeated Devon Moore, but fell victim to Notorious Inc.'s double team after the match
  9. LuFisto, Jesse McKay and Pinkie Sanchez defeated Ryan Eagles and Sami Callihan
  10. "Hollywood" Dylan Summers pinned Danny Havoc to defeat Havoc, Drake Younger and Brain Damage. After the match Drake gave Havoc the UVU title belt and Dylan Summers apologized for his "Hollywood" attitude. Zandig told him to return as the Necro Butcher or stay home.

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