Located 46 km west from Bora Bora, the 5 km² Maupiti is the westernmost of the Leeward group of islands. Maupiti consists of a single high island (213 m) located at the centre of a lagoon that is enclosed by five low islets and fringing reefs. Wrapping around the west and northwest of the lagoon is the large island of Motu Auira, with Motu Tuanai on the northeast side. In between the these are two passages in to the lagoon separated by the small island of Motu Paeso; these passages do not fully cut through the reef rim. At the south end of the lagoon is the reef-cutting Onoiau Pass, flanked by the two small islets of Pitiahe and Tiapaa.

image: earth sciences and image analysis laboratory, nasa johnson space center