Enewetak, Marshall Islands

Enewetak is the most northwestern atoll of the Marshall Islands group, being located 305 km west from Bikini Atoll.

The atoll consists of around 40 small islets — with a total land area of 6 km² — spread around an elliptical-shaped reef with a circumference of some 80 km. The reef rim is continuous in the north, east and west. In the southeast and southwest the formation begins to break up in to smaller fragments with a large and wide passage in the far south. The atoll, measuring 40 km in length and 32 km across contains a deep central lagoon — one of the deepest to found amongst the Marshall Islands — covering over 1,000 km² (the third largest lagoon of the Marshall atolls).

image: earth sciences and image analysis laboratory, nasa johnson space center

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