Knox, Marshall Islands

The southernmost atoll of the eastern Ratak chain, Nadikdik (Knox Atoll/Narikrik), lies immediately off the southwestern rim of the far larger Mili Atoll (partially visible at the left edge of the above image). Knox is a satellite formation of Mili, to which it is connected to by a shallow submarine ridge; the passage between the two formations, known as the Klee Passage, measures 3.5 km across.

knox consists 18 islets (and a similar number of smaller emergent islets) with a combined area of 0.98 km², that enclose a largely sand-filled lagoonal basin. The narrow lagoon itself, occupies an area of 3.42 km². The atoll measures 11 km in length and is nowhere broader than 2 km. The atoll consists of a chain of small islets located on the western and northern sides. The largest islets include Aelingeo in the northwest, Nadikdik in the southeast and Nariktal in the centre.

image: earth sciences and image analysis laboratory, nasa johnson space center