Thule Island

Thule Island

Thule Island is a member of the Southern Thule group, located 2 km west, across the Douglas Strait, from Cook Island. The island is the westernmost volcano of the three stratovolcanoes that have given rise to the islands of Thule, Cook and Bellinghausen (collectively known as Southern Thule).

With maximum dimensions of 7 km by 5 km, the 14 km² Thule Island is approximately triangular in shape with a 3 km long, panhandle-like peninsula extending to the southeast. Steep slopes ascend to a 1.5 km by 2 km summit caldera with the peak of Mount Larsen at 710 m above sea level.

Off Hewison Point — the southeastern tip of Thule Island — is the small islet known as Twitcher Rock (55 m above sea level).

Synonyms: Morrell Island

image: ASTER volcano archive jpl/nasa

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