Charlton Island

Charlton Island

Situated deep within the southern reaches of James Bay — an inlet of the far larger Hudson Bay — Charlton Island is the largest among a collection of low-lying islands scattered around the mouth of Rupert Bay. In the above image, the sediment-laden waters of the Rupert River can be seen flowing from Rupert Bay and along the James Bay coastline to the northeast.

Charlton Island (301 km²) measures 30 km in length, with a maximum width of 15 km across its central regions. The topography of the island is featureless, low and flat, with few areas exceeding 40 m above sea level. From muddy or sandy coasts the terrain rises to an interior with average elevations of less than 20 m above sea level. Low terrain and poor drainage help to create extensive wetlands on the islands western and central sections.

Within the immediate vicinity of Charlton Island are located many smaller islands and islets. These include Danby Island and Carey Island (1.2 km and 5.1 km off the eastern coast, respectively), the Strutton Islands (10 km to the northeast) and Trodely Island (16.75 km to the northwest). The nearest large island neighbour to Charlton Island is Akimiski Island, around 100 km to the northwest.

image: MODIS rapid response project at nasa/goddard space flight center

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