Russell Island

Russell Island is the largest of Prince of Wales Island's offshore islands. It is located off the northern and northeastern shores of its larger southern neighbour, from which it is separated by the 5 km wide Baring Channel.

The island has maximum dimensions of 57 km by 23.5 km, covering an area of 940 km². An narrow lake (frozen in the above image) and its southern outlet separate much of the island's western third from the eastern two-thirds; their only connection being a isthmus of 1.1 km in width. From its southern shore Russell Island slopes relatively steeply from a narrow, low-lying coastal belt to an upland interior averaging 200 m above sea level, where maximum elevations of some 240 m are reached. On the northern side the island slopes gently to a wide coastal belt dominated by loose sedimentary materials such as sand and gravel.

image: MODIS rapid response project at nasa/goddard space flight center

Location Map