Matty Island

Matty Island is located within the James Ross Strait — the 50 km wide stretch of water that separates King William Island (at the bottom-left corner of the above image) from the southwestern sections of the Canadian mainland's Boothia Peninsula (at top-right). Its largest immediate neighbour is Qikiqtarjuaq Island, located 3.7 km to the east across the Wellington Strait.

Matty Island has an unusual horseshoe-shaped appearance, created where a narrow embayment cuts deep into the island's southern side. Overall, the island measures 23 km in width (with its eastern and western arms measuring 11 km and 8 km across, respectively) and 34 km in length (north to south). The far southern section of the eastern arm is broken into the small islands of the Beverly Islands group.

Like King William Island, Matty Island presents a low-lying, lake-studded landscape with very little in the way of vertical relief — average elevations range between 5 m and 40 m, with a maximum of around 60 m occurring in the southeast near Cape Hardy. Large areas of the island, as evidenced in the above image, consist of sandy material and and other loosely compacted materials.

image: MODIS rapid response project at nasa/goddard space flight center

Location Map