Twin Islands

The Twin Islands (North Twin and South Twin) are located within the central regions of James Bay, lying 58 km off the Quebec coast and 56 km northeast from Akimiski Island. A number of smaller islands are located in the vicinity, these include: Walter Island (15 km east from North Twin Island) and Spencer Island (19 km northwest from North Twin).

North Twin Island is the largest of the pair at 157 km² in area (18.5 km by 11 km). 10 km southeast from North Twin is the smaller South Twin Island (12.8 km by 10.2 km). Both islands are composed largely from loosely compacted sands and gravel, are low-lying with many small lakes and areas of marshland. They are protected as the Twin Islands Wildlife Sanctuary, providing important breeding habitat to a number of bird species.

image: MODIS rapid response project at nasa/goddard space flight center

Location Map