Chery M1 Splendidly Shown on Auto Shanghai 2009

Chery M1 Splendidly Shown on Auto Shanghai 2009

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On the Shanghai auto exhibition held on April 20, 2009, the brand new Chery M1, which is greatly fancied and expected by young customers, shows up splendidly with three versions of 1.3 L displacement and 6 color options, arousing strong competitiveness. Meanwhile, M1 will start up the Chinese Touring Show themed on “Distinctively Created, Naturally Charmed”, bringing the intelligent digital experience of possessing a car to more and more young people.

As a pioneer of Chery in entering the high-end small-sized car markets, M1 is positioned as the intelligent digital high-quality car to cater to modern youngsters. Taking highlights of “DSS intelligent digital safety system”, “DSE intelligent digital energy-saving system”, and “DSC intelligent digital controlling system”, M1 successfully leads the trend of car markets, and its leading position in Chinese high-end minicar markets is firmly established by the reasonable price range.

The Fashionable Design Attracts Tremendous Attention

M1, specially designed for young people fancying colorful life and voguish style, becomes the focus of public for its unique and fashionable design out of the distinguished taste.

Designed by the famous Italian designing group, the high-end high quality minicar adopts the most popular design element and style, and it looks full of dynamics. One designing highlight is that the sideline of M1 is full of strength and power. Together with the 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheel hub, the side lines of car all look energetic, changing the previous feeling of strength and energy lacking in small cars. 

The designers boldly make the breakthrough in the body shape: the car introduces the big broken line, and interlaces fluent yet sharp lines on the body, the dynamic fashion visual effect always astonishes the public. All these clearly indicate that the owner of M1 is the unique urban young people fancying the colorful life and distinguished taste.

Intelligent Digital Establishing the High-end Position

As another high-end high quality car from Chery aiming at medium/high-end market, M1 significantly emphasizes on performance parameters, it’s equipped with various kinds of high-end devices, and the innovative equipment of DSS intelligent digital safety system, DSE intelligent digital energy-saving system and the DSC intelligent digital controlling system guarantee the highlights of safety, energy-saving and controlling, and successfully promote M1 to be fancied and pursued by numerous young customers.

Intelligent digital safety: equipped with ABS+EBD double active-safety guarantee and SRS multi airbags positive-safety protection, M1 could indubitably handle the emergency. The collision test taken in early March demonstrated that M1 performed quite well in side collision. The air bags and the energy-absorbing crumple zone will well protect passengers when accidents occur. And what is more, M1 is completely equipped with various digital devices, including car anti-theft system, LED high-mounted brake light, electrical central lock, and auto window shut with car locking. M1 is as good as its competitors regarding devices equipping, and could also provide all-round safety guarantee to car occupants.

Intelligent digital energy-saving: equipped with intelligent digital energy-saving system, M1/1.3L consumes only 4.5L fuel per 100km, and that is why M1 is greatly fancied and pursued by customers. What’s exceptionally commendable is M1 perfectly takes both energy-saving and dynamic into consideration. Equipped with ACTECO in-line four cylinders, double overhead cam, electronic injection engine, M1 could reach a max. power of 83 horsepower. The performance is quite excellent among the same level cars.

Intelligent digital controlling: M1 combines car operating information integral display system, digital parking assisting system and various intelligent digital systems together, fully demonstrating the elaborate design of M1 in upgrading the intelligent control system. Meanwhile, when driving M1, customers could really enjoy the humanized features, such as auto sunroof and AUX digital audio input, fully realizing taste advancing.