©2008 Ashly Audio, Inc.
©2008 Ashly Audio, Inc.

Ashly Audio Inc. is recognized as a world leader in designing and manufacturing quality signal processing equipment and power amplification for use in the commercial sound contracting and professional audio markets. The philosophy we established from the very beginning holds true today: to offer only the highest quality audio tools at an affordable cost to the professional user. Thirty-four years later, Ashly remains committed to this principle.

Before Ashly started manufacturing audio products, it was a 60's era sound reinforcement company founded and run by five individuals.

Contrary to many rumors and myths such as 'named after a pet dog', 'anagram of initials', or 'a girlfriend', the real origin comes from Larry Ashley, one of the founding five. Larry's last name was chosen for the alphabetical advantage when listed of course. To add some mystique to the name and to avoid conflict with another company, the 'e' was dropped.

None of the original five pursued the thrill of manufacturing, but two people in the company, Bill Thompson and Dave Malloy thought it was worth the effort, adopted Ashly Audio for the name and started manufacturing pro audio gear.

Below are some of Ashly's milestones over the years.


Ashly Audio was founded by a group of recording engineers, concert sound professionals, and electronics designers. The first products were elaborate custom consoles, complete with built- in electronic crossovers, compressor/limiters, and parametric equalizers. Ashly’s first customers were friends and associates, but business quickly spread to new clients. As more consoles were manufactured, the demand continued to grow and so did Ashly.


Demand for the individual components utilized in Ashly’s mixers drove us to develop a series of rack devices that could be used in a modular fashion. Our first rack product, the SC-66 stereo parametric equalizer, was an instant success spurring development that same year of the SC-50 compressor/ limiter. From that point on, Ashly’s primary focus was on building modular rack gear.


Ashly introduced the first commercial power amplifiers using power MOS- FET technology. Ashly amplifiers were among the very first to be approved by Lucasfilms for the popular THX™ movie theater sound systems, and the FTX Series III amps, along with MFA and SRA models, continued Ashly’s tradition of professional amplification excellence.


The introduction of new mixers brought Ashly full- circle. These mixers were not the large, custom designs from the company’s founding days, but rather a series of smaller units which utilized many of those concepts in standard rack- mount packages for the sound contractor.


Ashly Audio entered the digital signal processing age by introducing the Protea Series Digital Signal Processor. Complementing our industry- standard GQX, MQX, and PQX graphic and parametric equalizers, the new Protea Series has spawned a digital line of products that offers unparalleled digital processing power.


Ashly introduces Powerflex— multichannel power amplifiers which bring high- quality audio to installations that require multiple zones. Additionally, we have added the Protea Digital Crossover to the line, which brings digital control and filtering to traditional analog audio.


Ashly introduces Protea 24.24M


Ashly introduces PE-Series amplifiers capable of being controlled via ethernet


SRA-TRA Amplifiers introduced for the commercial and corporate installation markets.


NE-Series of Ethernet controlled multichannel amplifiers and DSP Introduced for network audio.


Ashly’s exclusive Five Year Worry- Free Warranty remains one of the most liberal policies available on any commercial- grade product. This transferable warranty covers every product with the Ashly brand name, and is offered at no extra cost to the customer.

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