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Registration of political party logo refused

At its meeting on 27 May 2010 the Electoral Commission considered an application made under Part 4 of the Electoral Act 1993 to register the following political party logo:



Party:  51st State Party
Applicant:  Paulus Telfer, General Secretary, 51st State Party


The Electoral Commission refused the application under section 65A(c)(ii) of the Electoral Act 1993.  Section 65A is set out below.

65A Certain logos not to be registered

The Electoral Commission shall refuse an application for the registration of the logo of a political party—

(a) if the application is not accompanied by both the representations and the black and white reproduction required by section 63A(2)(c) or by the

declaration required by section 63A(2)(d); or

(b) if the Electoral Commission has reasonable cause to believe that the declaration supplied under section 63A(2)(d) is not correct; or

(c) if, in the opinion of the Electoral Commission, the logo submitted by the party—

(i) is indecent or offensive; or

(ii) is likely to cause confusion or mislead electors; or

(iii) contains any reference to a title or honour or similar form of identification; or

(d) if the application for registration of a party logo is made by a political party that is not registered under Part 4 and the Electoral Commission

has reasonable cause to believe that the name of the political party would, if submitted by a candidate for inclusion on the ballot paper, be likely

to be rejected by a Returning Officer under section 151(2).