Bane is a comic book character that first appeared in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1
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"The Man Who Broke the Bat,"He is more than just brawn but he is not always the villain either. He has recently joined the new Secret Six, where you see he has a strict code of honor and can be quite heroic.



Bane was to serve his father's life sentence in the prison Peña Duro in Santa Prisca. In prison, he gathered a great amount of knowledge and became a bodybuilder. With the harsh treatment of prison, he learned to protect himself from other prison mates. During prison, he had a teddy bear called Osito who was his only friend. Behind the bear's head was a knife so Bane could use it anytime he felt threatened. Bane was now the king of the prison, manipulating through his strength and intellect. The prison guards took note of this, and decided he should be the subject of an experiment where scientists would inject inmates with a drug called Venom. It had killed all other subjects. Bane undertook this experiment, which nearly killed him, but he survived and he discovered that his strength increased greatly. He must take it every 12 hours though, as it causes side-effects if he doesn't. 

Be Afraid
Be Afraid
Breaking the Bat

He soon escaped Peña Duro along with a few friends. Bane had heard stories of the  Batman during his imprisonment. Batman' valor and history led Bane to Gotham to destroy the great Batman. Bane, being very smart, decided to weaken Batman first. He punched through the walls of Arkham Asylum allowing many criminals to go free. Batman spent three grueling months catching the escaped criminals, and he was physically and mentally exhausted. One night Batman returned to the Batcave to find Bane waiting for him. Bane used his great intellect and "talents" to deduce the location of the Batcave. Bane broke Batman's back proving that breaking  the Batman is possible. Bane's plan to weaken Bats before their initial confrontation and his deduction of the Batcave's location proved Bane is more than just a physical threat: he posed a great mental threat also. Their battle in the Batcave was epic and the storyline " Knightfall" (Banes first arc) is a classic.                                                                                                                                                                 
Bane Breaking the Bat
Bane Breaking the Bat


Bane defeated his dependency on Venom while serving time in prison. He escaped from prison to join Batman in fighting to get rid of a criminal group that was distributing Venom themselves. Following these events, Bane exclaimed that he realized all the bad things he had done and urged Batman to see him as a good guy rather than bad. He then left Gotham to look for his father. He questioned Jesuit, a teacher of his while he served time. Jesuit told him his father was one of four men. While looking for his father in Rome, he encountered Talia, the daughter of the super-villain Ra's al Ghul. Bane was introduced to al Ghul, who was so impressed with Bane that he made him an heir. Ra's al Ghul and Bane became partners and developed a good business relationship, unleashing a plague amongst Gotham City. Bruce Wayne was back to being Batman and defeated him, but just narrowly. Later on when they confront each other, they usually end up in a draw, Bane not using Venom anymore. Bane soon had a fallout with Ra's al Ghul and searched the Lazarus Pit to destroy it and in the process met Black Canary.

Continuing his search for his father, Bane discovered it was possible that he was an American doctor. He did some more research and discovered that Bruce Wayne's father had been close to Bane's mother. Bane told Batman and DNA tests were run while Bane fought alongside Batman once again. It was then revealed that Dr. Wayne was not Bane's father, and he left Gotham peacefully, Batman and Bane on good terms. Bane finally found his father,  King Snake. Bane and Batman foiled King Snake's plan. Bane was shot trying to save Batman. Bane was then put in the Lazarus Pit and was healed.

Breaking backs and taking names
Breaking backs and taking names

Recruitedinto the Secret Society of Super-Villains, Bane took part in the Battle of Metropolis during Infinite Crisis. He fought the original Judomaster and broke his back, killing him.

Bane returned to a business of his own after this. He and Hourman dismantled a drug operation distributing a new version of Venom. Then he saw to elections in his home of Santa Prisca, backing one of the candidates. The election was rigged, and Bane's candidate lost. He reacted by using his forces to put Santa Prisca under martial law and searching for the person with knowledge of the election rigging,  Colonel Computron However, Checkmate was also after this man. When Bane caught up to them, he came face to face with Tommy Jagger, son of the original Judomaster.

Bane believed Checkmate was responsible for rigging Santa Prisca's election, and he attacked. He and Jagger fought, with Jagger expertly defeating him. He was told the only reason he was able to kill Jagger's father was because Judomaster purposely put himself in harm's way to protect lives. Jagger let Bane live.

Salvation Run

Coming on hard times after this, Bane was apprehended and strong-armed into joining Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. He took part in abducting metacriminals and exiling them to a far away prison world. This continued until he was betrayed along with the other villainous members of the Suicide Squad, getting sent to the prison planet as well. When the villains divide and take sides, he allied himself with Lex Luthor.

Bane behaved loyally for as long as he was trapped on the planet, preventing Thunder and Lightning from freeing the captured Martian Manhunter. When the villains made their escape from the planet, Bane was among them to safely return to Earth.

Secret Six

Possibly due to having worked with Deadshot on the Suicide Squad and the prison planet, Bane became a member of the Secret Six. He took a special interest in Scandal Savage and began treating her as a stern father would treat a daughter and occasionally referred to her as his adopted daughter. While Scandal Savage was binging after knock out died Bane would constantly remind her of things to eat to help her feel better. She was often put off by his suggestions, like when he offered to let her sleep on his lap, but she does appreciate him. His strict code of honor occasionally created some tension with the other members of the Secret Six,  many of whom had no such codes. The Secrets Six's first mission was a very dangerous assignment from a mysterious benefactor: they had to deliver  Tarantula and a Get Out of Hell Free card to Gotham City. The group had a large bounty placed on their heads by a powerful and demented mob boss know only as Junior
Their path to Tarantula was riddled with opposition from many mercenaries and super villains trying to obtain the card and the bounty. While picking up their sixth member in Las Vegas the group is ambushed and while Bane goes to get a bullet wound tended to he is captured. Bane was tortured to near death by Junior, who was throwing bricks at Bane until he told him where the card was.The Secret Six did eventually rescue him but while en route to their destination Bane was slowly slipping into death. When the Secret Six finally arrived in Gotham they were ambushed by hundreds of villains and mercenaries as their secret benefactor, the Mad Hatter, watched on. Bane could not do anything while the others struggled to survive but once he saw Scandal was in danger he knew something had to be done. In order to heal quicker and fight off the attackers, he broke his promise to himself and risked relapse by ingesting a vial of Venom he always carried. Now enraged and on the war path, Bane grabbed whoever he could. While going berserk he saw everyone as Batman and he was yelling: "Don't you know who i am?!" "I am the one that broke the Bat!" While observing this Scandal remarks to Catman "I guess in a way the bat broke him too." 

Bane was later seen with Ragdoll (in the guise of Robin) and Catman in an attempt to thwart an assignment they were originally offered. A group of mercenaries have been tasked with capturing multiple politicians children but that did not sit well with the team, especially Bane. Bane hated seeing children messed with or put in any kind of danger, probably because he was "raised" in a prison. The disappearance of Batman led the three to take on a more heroic stance as they attempted to stop the kidnappings. Through dialogue between Bane and Catman you learn how influential Batman was, especially on them. Bane respected Batman and felt if he really is gone only those who are worthy enough should be allowed to wear the cowl. While they "protected" the streets of Gotham out of respect for the Batman, they came face to face with Dick Grayson in his guise as Nightwing. Nightwing was upset about their methods. Nightwing's comments on their methods upsets Catman who then considered physically challenging him but Bane kept the peace. Bane calmed down Catman and due to his respect for Batman, and his multiple protegees one being Nightwing, said they would leave. Catman questioned Banes actions and decision and reveals his reasoning for standing down. He told Catman they left because Nightwing is the only person worthy to be called Batman. Bane may not be as villainous as he once was but even then he respected Batman and what he stood for and what he did.

United, For the Moment
United, For the Moment
In a new storyline Bane is hired together with the rest of the team by a new villain named Mr. Smyth, a slave trader. Mr Smyth's objective was to build the largest prison in the whole world. For this he employs amazon tribes as slave workers. Jeanette sees and remembers Artemis from a previous encounter. She busts her out, the rest of the team reacts with opposition. While the team is fighting amongst themselves Wonder Woman arrives. Wonder Woman upon seeing Artemis hurt, engages the Six in battle. Wonder Woman was defeated by a surprising display of power by Jeannette, and the Six splitted ways, knowing that they were soon to clash over this. 
As the other three made off with Artemis, the half of the Six staying loyal to their employer delivered Wonder Woman to Mr. Smyth. Smyth insisted that their former teammates would have to be dealt with for their betrayal and likely imminent attempt to free the other Amazons. However, something Wonder Woman said to Catman caused him to decide to switch sides. He freed the Amazons, which started a prison riot. Deadshot and Ragdoll struggled a little with whether or not they should kill the others. Surprisingly, Ragdoll decided to go back to the control room and beat Smyth's head in with a wrench.
Making up
Making up
Deadshot decided to give up on the job at this point, shooting an Amazon who worked for Smyth in the head to save Catman and Jeannette.
In the aftermath of the riot, Wonder Woman allowed what remained of the Secret Six to leave despite knowing they were criminals. Deadshot remained behind, where he executed Smyth much as he had executed a prisoner previously. As the group departed, Bane pointed out that every mission they take on ends with injury and no payment and informed them that he would now be in charge. His first decision was that Scandal was off the team.  Replacing her with Black Alice.
After Catman leaves to find the killer of his daughter, so do a few other members. The team now consists of Bane and Jeannette. So to fill the ranks Bane recruits four new members. The members are: Giganta, Dwarfstar, Lady Vic and King Shark.  The recruitment of new members causes a rift in the old team. There are now two Secret Six teams, one leby Bane and one led by Scandal. Over time these two teams came into conflict. As a result of them facing each other Bane is forced to fight against Scandal. Not wishing to harm her, Bane grabs hold of one of her blades and slits his own throat.

Powers and Abilities


Without Venom

Bane has a genius level intellect. He has a photographic memory, and is well versed in different languages. Bane spent years in prison; because of this, he had to fight for his life many times. This has made Bane an adept fighter, and he has mastered multiple forms of martial arts. He has even developed his own form of martial arts in which he is quite adept. In prison, he taught himself various scientific disciplines equal to the level of understanding of leading experts in those fields. In addition, Bane has also trained his body to the physical limits. He has reached peak human conditioning. He is one of the physically strongest non-metahumans in the world, and is considered nearly superhumanly strong. 

With Venom

Bane is known for using his signature Venom drug. Venom is a potently addictive strength-enhancing super-steroid. It is based on the Miraclo formula. The drug enhances the user's physical attributes to superhuman levels. By using the drug, Bane increases his already impressive strength even more. The amount of power Bane has is dependent on how much Venom he takes. It will give him accelerated healing, incredible stamina, and great superhuman speed. His durability increases to the point where he can shrug off rounds from most conventional firearms with only a small dosage of Venom. The Venom drug will increase his strength into the 2 ton range depending on how large a dosage he uses. How strong exactly he can become has never been fully defined. 

Vital Statistics

Height:6'3"-6'8" (With Venom)

Weight:225 lbs-350 lbs (with Venom)



Films & Television

It is noted that Bane's portrayal in movies, games, and television are often less complex than his portrayal in the comics. 


A version of Bane is featured in the 1997 Batman & Robin film, played by the late Robert Swenson. This version is barely able to speak and communicates through grunts and growls. Still a prisoner, this time a serial killer, and still a sole surviving subject of Venom. He is still super humanly strong, muscular and wears a similar mask including Venom tubes. Unlike his genius comic-book counterpart, Bane is little more than a lackey in the film. This depiction is one of the many aspects of the film that caused it to receive harsh criticism from fans and critics alike.

He appeared in  the DC animated universe film Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.  In the film he is hired by Robert Thorne, Penguin, and Carlton Duquesne to deal with Batwoman. Towards the end of the film he falls into a pit of fire, it is confirmed by his appearance in Batman Beyond that he survived.

Bane appears in the animated film Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. In film he's one of the dozens of villains after the 1 billion dollar bounty on Superman's head. He gets knocked out by Batman after he cut his tubing system.  

In Television


He appears as a assassin in Batman TAS. The producers where reluctant to use him because he felt too gimmicky. He was voiced by Henry Silva at first with a South American accent that later disappeared. He later appeared in Superman TAS episode "Knight time". He also appeared in the new Batman adventures episode "Over the edge". His final appearance is in Batman Beyond where his physical state has deteriorated due to Venom overuse. 


Batman Beyond 

In the future, Gotham's youth are falling prey to a new drug called "Slappers," a derivitive of Bane's strength-enhancing "Venom. " Terry McGinnis investigates the drug trafficking of this new drug by going back to the source. Bruce guides Terry to a remote invalid home outside of Gotham. Terry discovers that Bane has been in a vegetative state for years. An orderly named Jackson Chappell explains that Bane's constant use of "Venom" has left him in this state.Terry later discovers that Chappell has been producing "Slappers" ever since Bane told him the formula for "Venom." Its quite possible that Bane will show up on the future Hush's hit list since all he would need to do is turn off Bane's life support.
Bane as he appears in The Batman
Bane as he appears in The Batman


He appears in "The Batman" as an assassin hired to kill Batman. He appears in the episodes "Traction","Rumors" and "Batman/Superman Story". He is voiced by Joaquim de Almeida and later on by Ron Perlman. In this incarnation Bane is much more monstrous than he appears in other portrayals.

He appears in Batman the Brave and the Bold episode "Menace of the Conquering Caveman" having escaped prison only to be caught by Batman and Wildcat. He is later seen as a simulation for Speedy, Aqualad and Robin to fight against. 

Video Games 

Arkham Asylum
Arkham Asylum
  • He is a boss in Batman and Robin video game.  
  • He also appears in Batman: Chaos in Gotham and Batman: rise of Sin tzu. 
  • Bane has appeared in Lego Batman game as a follower of the Penguin. He also a boss and playable character. His powers in the game are super strength, immunity to acid, and has a special attack, where he can break either a opponents or his teammates spine.
  • He appears in Batman: Arkham Asylum alongside the Joker and many other classic villains, Bane is a boss in the game and his appearance without exposure to Venom is a lot like his Batman and Robin movie version. When not pumped full of Venom he is rather thin, weak and sickly looking. In the game he is force fed a enhanced version of Venom developed by Joker and Dr Penelope Young. They intend to use the enhanced Venom to create a whole army of Banes to take over Gotham City.
  • He is also set to appear in DC universe online.
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General Information Edit
Super Name: Bane
Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Antonio Diego
Big Guy
Masked Stranger
The Man Who Broke the Bat
Publisher: DC Comics
Gender: Male
Character Type: Human
1st Appearance: Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1
Appears in: 187 issues
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