E3 2010: Trine 2

  • by Tae K. Kim
  • June 15, 2010 17:08 PM PT

The team behind the fantasy action platformer Trine is taking a "more is better" approach with their sequel. The best part: online co-op. If you were a fan of the original, this is probably enough to convince you, but there's plenty more improvements on the way.

What we're talking about: Trine generated a lot of buzz for its engaging blend of action and platforming. The game allowed you to take control of three heroes with different abilities, and let you swap between them on the fly in order to conquer the game's many challenges. The sequel looks to expand upon that formula, offering up a far more enticing experience.

Where we saw it: I was shown a trailer at a behind closed doors demo at E3.

What you need to know: The game basically is taking the “more of everything” approach that most sequels fall back on. The game looks great, recapturing the original's vibrant color scheme, but it's the many new additions that make the game so intriguing. The first improvement is three player co-op, which is something most gamers who played the first will be happy to hear. The game's three classes (Knight, Wizard, and Thief) will also get new abilities as well as new specializations.

Point in development cycle: The game is still a year away, with a target release date of Spring 2011. That gives the developers plenty of time to get it right.

My take: The original Trine is still sitting on my list of “Games I should really get around to playing,” so the announcement of the sequel has me more motivated to try it out. Of course, the price will be key, as the original Trine debuted with a high price tag that made it difficulty to justify. If the sequel is more adequately priced, the co-op alone might be enough to lure gamers into its fantasy world.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, assets for Trine 2 were not available at the time this preview was written. The thumbnail image is from the first Trine, for instance. But we will have full assets up as soon as we can.