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Message from the chairman


While Japan is often said to be world’s cartoon kingdom, not a few people will surely be wondering what exactly the Japanese mean by the term "cartoon". Unfortunately, there is no hard- and- fast definition that I can offer, since the members of this association lay claim to an extensive variety of works.

The late Mr. Shotaro Ishinomori had his own way of defining the medium used to communicate topical or comic events through drawings. He coined the word manga—man meaning ten thousand, and ga pictures. He could hardly have chosen a more appropriate description than ten thousand pictures to explain the sequences of humorous and satirical drawings produced as cartoons or comic strips that grace magazines, newspapers and other printed matter.

Despite the popularity of manga, however, Japan does not have a single cartoon museum and, despite the hard work of its members over the years, the Japan Cartoonists’ Association has yet to enjoy public acclaim.

We would like to see this situation change and, to that end, have published the booklet in which we introduce the activities and process of the JCA from its establishment. But we need the support of all cartoonists and the media if we are to succeed in marking the start of the new century by attracting broader public recognition.

Takashi Yanase :Chairman of JCA

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