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A free collection of helpful Web tools


The Internet has plenty of tools for privacy, information and sharing. But these Web sites tend to be scattered around. It would be nice if they were combined.

That's what today's Cool Site does. It offers several helpful tools. The first one is a handy Info tab. It shows information about your computer and browser.

There is a Chat feature that creates a simple, throw-away chat room. Your friends won't need to have the same chat program. There is a Pastebin for sharing text or programming code.


The site has Password Utilities that can measure password strength. You can also generate a random password. There's even a URL shortener for sharing long Web links easily.

A picture uploader lets you share pictures. And the site has a temporary 24-hour e-mail feature. Use the provided e-mail address for anonymity when signing up on other sites. This is one site you're going to want to bookmark!

Notice: We give Web sites a "heads-up" before mentioning them in our Cool Sites of the Day. Still, my newsletters generate so much traffic that Web sites sometimes become unavailable. If you are unable to access today's Cool Site now, please try later. It is a working site.

Webmasters: If your site has been selected as a Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day, let the world know by displaying my award button & link on your site!

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