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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

'Bond is what every man would like to be, and what every woman would like to have between her sheets' Raymond Chandler, Sunday Times

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Centenary EditionOn Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Modern Day Classics

Date written: 1963

Original Summary of the Plot

'It was one of those Septembers when it seemed that the summer would never end.'

But it did end and winter came in a lethal welter of mystery, bloodshed and multiple death amidst the snow.

This, the eleventh chapter in the biography of James Bond, is one of the longest. It is also the most enthralling.

Really the most? Really the most.
Plot Summary from the original jacket copy of the Jonathan Cape edition

Current Summary of the Plot

When Bond rescues a beautiful, reckless girl from self-destruction, he finds himself with a lead on one of the most dangerous men in the world - Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE. In the snow-bound fastness of his Alpine base, Blofeld is conducting research that could threaten the safety of the world. To thwart the evil genius, Bond must get himself and the vital information he has gathered out of the base and keep away from SPECTRE's agents. Which may require the help of someone who can handle herself at high speed.
Plot Summary adapted from the current Penguin edition


The Girl: Teresa di Vicenzo (Tracy)

The Villain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Location: Switzerland and England

Date made into a film: 1969

James Bond played by George Lazenby

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