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The Spy Who Loved Me

'Ian Fleming keeps you riveted. His narrative pulls with the smooth power of Bond's Thunderbird' Sunday Telegraph

The Spy Who Loved Me - Centenary EditionThe Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me - Modern Day Classics

Date published: 1962

Original Summary of the Plot

Vivienne Michel writes: 'The spy who loved me was called James Bond and the night on which he loved me was a night of screaming terror in The Dreamy Pines Motor Court, which is in the Adirondacks in the north of New York State.

'This is the story of who I am and how I came through a nightmare of torture and the threat of rape and death to a dawn of ecstasy. It's all true - absolutely. Otherwise Mr Fleming certainly would not have risked his professional reputation in acting as my co-author and persuading his publishers, Jonathan Cape, to publish my story. Ian Fleming has also kindly obtained clearance for certain minor breaches of The Official Secrets Act that were necessary to my story.'
Plot Summary from the original jacket copy of the Jonathan Cape edition

Current Summary of the Plot

Vivienne Michel is in trouble. Trying to escape her tangled past, she has run away to the American backwoods, winding up at the Dreamy Pines Motor Court. A far cry from the privileged world she was born to, the motel is also the destination of two hardened killers - the perverse Sol Horror and the deadly Sluggsy Morant. When a coolly charismatic Englishman turns up, Viv, in terrible danger, is not just hopeful, but fascinated. Because he is James Bond, 007; the man she hopes will save her, the spy she hopes will love her.
Plot Summary adapted from the current Penguin edition

The Girl: Vivienne Michel

The Villain: Sol Horror and Sluggsy Morant

Location: England and Canada

Title used for film: 1977

James Bond played by Roger Moore

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