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'Nobody does this sort of thing as well as Mr Fleming.' Sunday Times

Live and Let Die - Centenary EditionGoldfingerLive and Let Die - Modern Day Classics

Date published: 1959

Original Summary of the Plot

Goldfinger, the man who loved gold, said, 'Mr Bond, it was a most evil day for you when you first crossed my path. If you had then found an oracle to consult, the oracle would have said to you "Mr Bond keep away from Mr Auric Goldfinger. He is a most powerful man. If Mr Goldfinger wished to crush you, he would only have to turn over in his sleep to do so."'

With the lazy precision of Fate, this, Ian Fleming's longest narrative of secret service adventure, brings James Bond to grips with the most powerful criminal the world has ever known - Goldfinger, the man who had planned the 'Crime de la Crime'.

Le Chiffre, Mr Big, Sir Hugo Drax, Jack Spang, Rosa Klebb, Dr No - and now the seventh adversary, a Goliath of Crime.
Plot Summary from the original jacket copy of the Jonathan Cape edition

Current Summary of the Plot

Auric Goldfinger: cruel, clever, frustratingly careful. A cheat at Canasta and a crook on a massive scale in everyday life. The sort of man James Bond hates. So it's fortunate that Bond is the man charged by both the Bank of England and MI5 to discover what this, the richest man in the country, intends to do with his ill-gotten gains - and what his connection is with SMERSH, the feared Soviet spy-killing corps. But once inside this deadly criminal's organisation, 007 finds that Goldfinger's schemes are more grandiose - and lethal - than anyone could have imagined. Not only is he planning the greatest gold robbery in history, but mass murder as well...
Plot Summary adapted from the current Penguin edition

The Girl: Tilly Masterson

The Villain: Auric Goldfinger

Location: Kent, UK and USA

Date made into a film: 1964

James Bond played by Sean Connery

'Mr Fleming is the best thriller writer since Buchan' Evening Standard

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