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The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) is a global community of indigenous student movements, called to engage the university with the good news of Jesus Christ. Currently there are more than 500,000 students involved in over 150 national movements worldwide.


celebrating the Lord of the universe

...this was a great opportunity to proclaim the true meaning of Christmas: Christ born to save us and bring us back into relationship with God

As you may remember from a recent prayerline, IFES World Assembly 2011 will take place from 26 July - 3 August 2011 in Krakow, Poland, around the theme Jesus Christ: Lord of the universe, Lord of the university. ChSA (the IFES movement in Poland) will host the event, and we will be celebrating both the movement's own 20th anniversary, and also the growth of student ministry across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union since 1989.

Like many IFES movements around the world, the students and staff of ChSA Poland are already celebrating Jesus Christ, the Lord of the universe, as Christmas approaches.

A ChSA staffworker writes: 'Thank God for the recent gospel workshop in Katowice from 18-19 December. With 90 people in the choir and over 500 people attending the final concert, this was a great opportunity to proclaim the true meaning of Christmas: Christ born to save us and bring us back into relationship with God.

'We are so thankful for this workshop and for all the joy and fun it brought to those who attended. But we know too that there are still many people all across Poland who don’t really know or understand the importance of why we celebrate Christmas.'

ChSA groups around the country continue to hold evangelistic Christmas parties and activities, many including festive food, such as the popular cookies given out at the ChSA Warsaw outreach event! May the words that went with them also have a deep impact in the minds and hearts of those who heard them.

Over New Year (29 December – 2 January 2011) there will be a camp for students and graduates in Istebna in southern Poland. The theme of the camp will be 'sanctification' with a special emphasis on current issues affecting Christians in the workplace.

Give thanks with us for those who have heard this December that the Lord of the universe came to earth. Pray that many, both in Poland and elsewhere, might respond to this amazing truth by submitting their hearts, minds and bodies to our wonderful Saviour.

Pray too for those attending the camp, that as they celebrate the New Year they will be filled with hope and joy at the prospect of living out their faith in their place of work.

Students are at the centre of our vision.

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