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This is the year you can take shape for life and make a complete change to your health throughout 2010. Instead of making your New Years resolution fail this year why not make it happen. If you are one of the million that always seems to make the resolution that you are going to get fit, make changes to your diet and finally lose weight but you never do it, make this the year that you do.

There are going to be many dieting options out there that may or may not work, but are you really willing to take that 50/50 chance all year long again? Probably not. When you keep getting involved with weight loss plans that aren’t going to work then you’ll be less likely to keep fighting. Stop wasting endless amounts of money on diets that do not work and get a discounted coupon price on your diet with one of the many Medifast Coupons for 2010.

Now is the time that you consider getting involved with a Medifast Diet. You will take part in two phases when you are apart of this program.

Phase One: 5 & 1 Plan for Weight Loss

With the first phase you are really going to work on developing good eating habits while working off weight that you want to lose. This phase has you consuming 5 Medifast Meals and also 1 Lean & Green meal each and every day. This means you can stop counting all those calories and avoid cooking all those complicated meals that you always avoid eating.

When it comes to the actual Medifast Meals you will have a choice from over 70 nutritious meals including some of the following:

  • shakes
  • bars
  • drinks
  • oatmeals
  • chili
  • soups
  • pudding
  • scrambled eggs

You will have the ability to combine 5 of the Medifast Meal choices into your day, just as long as you ensure to consume 5 a day to make the program work properly. It is advised that you limit yourself to consuming one Maintenance Bar per day due to the fact that they are higher in carbohydrates and calories compared to other Medifast Meals that are available.

As for the Lean & Green meal each day there will be some restrictions as to what you can eat for this meal. For the lean portion you will consume 5-7 ounces of a cooked lean meat such as:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Shellfish

Ensure that the meat is grilled, baked, broiled or poached. Do not fry the food. The actual serving size will vary with the meat selection.

When selecting the Green portion of this meal you will generally be selecting vegetables like broccoli, spinach, eggplant or tomatoes. There are various vegetable options available for you to choose from, but sticking with the healthier vegetables is advised.

Phase Two: Medifast Maintenance Program

When you have reached your goal weight you are not going to just stop cold turkey, you are going to want to enter the Medifast Maintenance Program. This program will help you continue developing good eating habits and how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is usually where people’s diets fall through and find themselves back to square one, which is why Medifast offers the Maintenance Program.

Do not think you’ll be on the Medifast Maintenance Program forever. As you continue developing good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle you’ll slowly be able to work yourself off of the diet meaning soon you will be maintaining a healthy life and eating habits all on your own!

Medifast Diet is Easier..

The benefits of the program is that it is actually easy. Instead of finding yourself overwhelmed by dieting take the easier route. We are not saying the weight will just fall right off and you’ll magically lose 20lbs in 2 days, it does take time. We take heart in helping you lose weight at a healthy rate and also helping you develop the necessary knowledge and skills on how to maintain a healthy life all on your own.

Dieting can become a lot easier if you are involved in a program that can easily be added into your lifestyle. If you’re someone who eats every 2-3hours then you’ll match nicely with a Medifast Diet. The program will keep you feeling full all the time and any time you begin to feel hungry it will be time to have your next Medifast Meal.

Now it is time that you get your New Years resolution going in full swing and getting on board with a Medifast Diet. If you are worried about the cost do not get worried. There are going to be many Medifast Coupons for 2010 that you can take advantage of and cut costs on your Medifast Meals.

Stop failing on your New Years resolution and get involved with a Medifast Diet now… Use a Medifast Coupon now for big savings!

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Medifast studies conducted by researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Results not typical. Typical weight loss results on the Medifast program are up to 2-5 pounds a week. Medifast is recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. While on the Medifast Diet, you can lose up to 2-5 pounds a week. Medifast does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.