Conan's Statement To Finland 12/15/10

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teamcoco | December 15, 2010 | likes, 25 dislikes

Watch CONAN @ - Conan addresses the people of F...

teamcoco | December 15, 2010 | likes, 25 dislikes

Watch CONAN @ - Conan addresses the people of Finland for their rally in Helsinki.

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  • Thanks Connie! We love you always here in Finland!

    Now only -13 in Oulu and mild wind.

    Feels like t-shirt time for us! :D

  • lmao turn on the cc Transcribe gets pretty funny on his hunger strike enjoy! :D

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  • interesting that he speaks finnish.

  • i like tacos....

  • @Layon86 I tottaly agree. Finland is like a state of mind. But not necessarily one that can be easily described. So you see my predicament.

  • @surgedark How about this: I will steal half of your possessions from you and remunerate you to the tune of $150 because I have the power to do so. If you don't accept my offer, I will take the other half of your possessions and you will get no payment for it. <--This is what the US government did to Mexico. Granted, perhaps the US government should have taken the whole country, seeing as modern-Mexico might have been better off.

  • @parafleet My point is that both are incorrect,

    Finland is not part of scandinavia.

  • Conan is the definition of Awesomeness. "A Hunger Strike That Only Includes Finished Foods"..Noticed how he mentions Chinese Food First-Thumbs up for Conan choosing Chinese food first. I laughed when Conan looked at the pic of Mooskarakara and then just nods@1:23-Mooskarakara looks like a burnt sausage..."The big fat bird explodes""Angry Bird"..funny. Two Words: Conan Rocks!!

  • @parafleet

    You people really do piss me off when you use words like "steal."

    Can you please learn your fucking history and realize we PAID MEXICO after the war for the southwest?

  • @Layon86 Well, my friend, the US did start a war with Mexico in the 1840's in order to steal away most of the modern-day American Southwest.

  • @parafleet Saying Finland is part of scandinavia is like saying that Mexico is a state in USA.

  • @MRJ0ker no shit, it was a joke

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