How to Launch and use Cooliris

Cooliris is a free downloadable plug-in that turns your favorite browser into a super media browser at the click of your mouse. Get a quick rundown on its key features below or watch our demo video.

Launch Cooliris anytime

Start your Cooliris experience by clicking the Cooliris mouseover icon, browser toolbar icon, or desktop icon (Firefox and IE only).

Mouseover icon

Mouseover images and videos on supported sites and click the icon that appears.

Toolbar icon

Launch Cooliris anytime from your toolbar.

A simple yet powerful user interface

Let's take a look at our state-of-the-art controls and features.


See your favorite things and subscriptions. Channel surf TV clips, news, movies & games.

Filter & Subscribe

Sort and favorite any wall feed.

The Cooliris Wall

Browse media content on an infinite wall.
Drag the wall to see lots more.
Try it on Facebook, Google, YouTube, desktop & more.


Click and drag to move the wall.

Lots of goodies