The embeddable Cooliris Wall gives all site visitors the Cooliris media experience within a web page, without requiring the Cooliris browser plugin.

It's easy to build a fully customized Cooliris Wall you can embed into your website.

The following documentation guides you through three basic steps:

  1. How to embed a basic Cooliris Wall on your site
  2. How to display your own choice of content
  3. How to customize the experience

In each step, advanced topics are listed. Though optional, these topics can help bring your Cooliris experience to the next level of awesomeness.

What you need before you start:

  • Fundamental understanding of HTML and website development
  • Ability to read, cut, and paste script
  • Familiarity with JavaScript and Media RSS, a plus (but not required)

Don't know HTML or just want a super quick start? Check out our Cooliris Express online wizard. You can use Cooliris Express to create your basic code and then learn to customize it here.

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