The Jackson and Sharp Company (J&S) built railcars and ships in Wilmington, DE on the peninsula between the Brandywine and Christiana Rivers. They opened in 1863 and were purchased by American Car and Foundry (ACF) in 1901. They did not last much after World War II and soon the plant was sold or leased to a number of smaller business. Tucked away in an industrial park on East 7th Street many signs of the old plant are still there if you know were to look. Forgotten Delaware has done extensive research on the site and a lot more will be online as time permits. Right now check out the following parts of our tour.

The New Machine Shop

Office Building

The Marine Railway (Brandywine)

The Car Shop

The Boiler House

The Lower Car Mill

The Steel Mill

The Lower Smith Shop

The Truck Shop

Maps of the plant.

Existing equipment built by Jackson and Sharp



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