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  • "Magazine-like experience online." - Advertising Age
  • "Advertising we really like." - TechCrunch
  • 600% increase in click-through rates*
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* Compared to traditional banner ads

Recent Headlines| "Cooliris Business Model Surfaces: More Advertising We Actually Like" - Techcrunch


Cooliris Advertising combines the emotional and aesthetic appeal of offline brand advertising with the interactivity of Web to create an engaging and non-intrusive brand experience for your target audience.

The result is a 600% increase in click-through rates versus standard banner ads, and an immersive advertising experience that satisfies advertisers looking for that extra wow. Since the launch of Cooliris Advertising in late 2008, Cooliris has served over a billion targeted ad impressions, averaging a 2.5% click-through rate.

It's no wonder Cooliris Advertising is catching the eye of some of the world's biggest brands.

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OMD joined Cooliris to create ads that go far beyond banner and display advertising.
Verizon Droid
Verizon Droid
This campaign integrates stunning animation and videos all within the Cooliris Wall.
Sex & The City
Sex & The City
Sponsoring a media channel grabs eyes with customized content and background.
To target photo enthusiasts, the Nikon ad displays an interactive, 9-panel ad wall.

Perhaps you're looking for a stunning interactive ad on our 3D Wall like OMD did for their Infiniti G37 Convertible campaign or Verizon created to promote the Droid mobile device. Or perhaps you just need a channel sponsorship like Sex and the City. How about a combination like Nikon's recent campaign? Cooliris will make an impact.

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