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Jesse Jane Interview 2007 Free Ones, perhaps the best collection of galleries, video clips and other stuff on the web.

NEW: Audio Inerview With Jesse Jane now available! Listen to interview

Jesse Jane 2007 (: Digital Playground superstar Jesse Jane sits down for another great interview. First she clears up the big issue. Yes she does, three of them and YES, she will pay up. After that it's all gravy. She talks about the much anticipated Pirates 2, her great scene with fellow DP Girl Lacie Heart and talks about why her marriage isn't the usual porn pairing. Jesse is a great interview and it's pretty see why she is still going strong four years into her career.

Jesse Jane INTERVIEW: Jesse Jane

Jesse's Movies

The first thing we have to do since we didn't get it on tape last year, is clear something up.


You owe me something. Three of something actually, but you keep denying on radio shows that you owe me blowjobs.

(She laughs)

Is it true?

I owe you blowjobs.


I owe you three blowjobs.

There it is, it's on tape, Jesse Jane owes me three blowjobs and some day she is going to come through.

Yes I will. You will be the one coming through.

Now that we got that out of the way, this is Jesse Jane , Digital Playground superstar.

What's up?

How are you doing this year?

It's been crazy. It's been insane. I've been so busy and slammed. I traveled to Australia for the first time. Shooting movies like "Island Fever 4" and now this year getting ready for Pirates 2. I have two Playboy shows, it's been crazy.

You're huge.

I'm enjoying it.

This is your fourth year or fifth?

Fourth. My four year anniversary in porn.

Four years ago we sat down (2003 Interview) and you hadn't even done a movie yet.

No nothing, not even a photo shoot.

Jesse Jane Now look at you, you're a world wide mega star.

Aww, thanks.

We'll get to Pirates 2 in a minute, but let's talk about Island Fever 4 for a bit.

Island Fever 4 was fantastic. We brought more girls, we went to the Bahamas and back to Bora Bora and it was just a lot more fun. We had a great cast. We had Jana, Sophia, Teagan , all of our contract girls. It was more fun to go with more people. We rented out a private island this time. We had an island to ourselves with our own little tikki huts. We got to do anything we wanted. Teagan and I went snorkeling one day when it rained and we couldn't shoot. We went kayaking and just had fun being stupid.

How long were you there?

Everyone was there for two weeks. I was there for like a week and a couple of days. I had to do an award thing and I was shooting something, I don't even remember what.

You are just always busy. You shot quite a few movies and I hear there is a Jesse Jane 's Juice coming out.

Is there?

That's what they told me. You guys all have your own movies, the All-American Girl….

Ohhhh. You mean the movie. I thought you meant actual juice.

No, not a Jesse Jane drink.

That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. I do have a Juice coming out. We are doing different series. We have the Icon movie, I started the Sexual Freak which does really well. Robby D does Deeper, Teagan did an Icon. I'm going to do a Juice. We all do our own versions of each other's movies. I have a new one coming out in two weeks called Image. That one is pretty insane. Robby D and Celeste are making these great, fun vignette movies with no real dialog. This year we are going to have some dialog movies come out. It's time. Everybody seems to really love them. It used to be "we don't want to see you talk" but now they are ready.

You have to mix it up. We want Island Fever, but we also want the others.

I am really excited. I'm shooting a lot. I am shooting a movie later this month with Jana. It's a Celeste movie so it's just a vignette. I know that before we start shooting Pirates 2 which is the big thing year, that I have another talking movie. I don't know what that is about because they are hiding it from me. They want to keep everything a secret.

It's a top secret porno movie.

Yeah. The thing about Pirates 2 is that we had high expectations for it, but nobody knew how big it was going to be. We didn't know that it would set sales records, get cut into an R rated version and put in Blockbuster and Borders. Now there is a higher expectation. We released the Pirates 2 trailer here. As you can see, no one is in it because we don't want to give it away. The special effects are times ten. We have developed a cult around it and it's kind of crazy. It's going to be insane. We don't even know who is coming back, we don't know the new characters we don't even know that the plot, but I know I'm coming back.

How do you top that? Pirates is the biggest adult movie ever, awards, sales all of it. How do you begin to top that?

All you have to do is step is up. You know what was expected of you the first time you know that even more is expected of you now. You have to study your script, get back into your character which is fun. It's role playing. Our team of special effects guys are going to step it up. The CGI effects are insane. We've built our own boat so we can do more stunts and crazy things on it to create things that we couldn't do on the US Bounty. There is going to be more stunts, more everything. We were in all these mainstream technology magazines for a pirate adult movie. They already came here to interview us and were asking what kind of CGI we're going to have. I don't know yet.

Are you going to get a chance to sword fight this time?

Jesse Jane I am. You know, in the teaser we shot before, Carmen and I did a sword fight. So the teaser showed us sword fighting. We did a stunt where I was turned away from her and she threw a sword at me. I had to turn at the right moment and catch it. It was so cool and they didn't put it in the movie. They only wanted that in the trailer. I thought I would get to do cooler stuff, but all I got to do was get pushed off a boat. I doubled for Carmen and it was still fun. It was exhilarating. I wanted more though, that was the coolest thing ever. I didn't even get cut up. I caught it. They are going to have us do it this time. We have to step it up. We are going to have trainers and it is going to be a big deal.

That other movie that aren't telling you about is one that Robby is directing with me in it.

Are you going to do me?

That's right.

Will that be your three blowjob scene?

It will take you about four and a half minutes to get through all three.

Then you'll be done.

That's right.

I have a powerful DSL mouth and I'm known for my blowjobs.

That's why I have to have it on tape that you owe me. Next time you go on the radio and deny it, I will be hurt.

I owe you three Rog.

Do you have web site?

Yes, What is really cool is that Digital is going to do something different this year. I get to do more with it and we are going to be co-owners kind of. What is really cool is that I have been learning. I'm computer dumb and I'm learning. I do daily updates and put up pics to keep everyone updated. Everyone seems to like the web site more now. Before I was getting used to it. Now there are daily pics, personal pics and everyone thinks it's great. This year I am going to do more. I am doing personal video clips. They are teaching me to put up my own solo picture sets. Every week there will be something different. I am really excited. Digital and I working on a lot of new projects. Look for a movie directed by me as well.

Ah ha. There are two new girls, Lacie Heart and Katsumi. I know you worked with Lacie. She told me you guys tore it up on a cement floor.

Yes we did. I am known to be rough. I like guys to be rough with me. I'm just into it and I like to be aggressive. A lot times girls are afraid to work with me. They saw the Janine scene, they saw the Carmen Luvana scene and they aren't sure. So they told us not to be rough. There was nothing not cement about the room. I've been with Lacie on my show Nightcalls. We are rough anyways just playing around. We started beating each other, ripping up the expensive wardrobes. We had guns and were throwing each other on the ground. They got everything they needed really fast and were like "we're done." We were like "No we aren't. I never let you tell us what to do. We have more." I love Lacie.

What about Katsumi?

I haven't had the chance to work with Katsumi. She's a sweet sweet girl though and has a great new boob job. They look good.

So you have worked with all the girls on that poster?

I have worked with everyone except Shay.

Why not Shay? Do you have something against Shay?

Jesse Jane No I love Shay.

Jesse Jane doesn't like Shay.

You liar, shut up. They are keeping us apart and we keep asking why they are keeping us apart. But you know what? They kept Janine and I apart and look at our scene. (In Pirates)

That's true.

I think that is what they are doing. I think that she will have something to do with Pirates 2 and they are looking for a scene like me and Janine. That is what I assume they are doing.

It's for the secret movie with me again.

A three-way? Nice.

That way when you are done with me in thirty seconds, the two of you can play.

All right, while you get hard again?

Assuming I can still do that.

(She laughs) You can.

Jesse Jane How are things at Playboy?

Playboy is great. I host two shows, Nightcalls and Naughty Amateur Home Videos. Night Calls is the live show we shoot twice a month. My co-host is my best friend for years Kirsten Price. We have fun together, we bring on new girls and get them naked. It's like a live talk show. We help guys and girl with tips on sex, we get girls naked and play, we have a band, we have a comedian on every show. It's a really good thing. I got the cover of Playboy special edition which sold out faster than any other. I think that might mean I get another on this year. I'm crossing my fingers. Naughty Aperture Home Videos is fun because people send me their porn and I watch people I've never seen. Some of it is scary, but some of it is great. I interview people on the street about that topic. I get to have a great time. Playboy has been really great to me. They treat me like a Princess like Digital. I honestly have not had any bad problems. I've been really lucky.

You're four years in and you're still smiling.

I know. Most people are already gone after a year or they aren't happy.

They are having their comeback four years in.

I know, they are like "here I come again."

Last year at this time you had a very new relationship.

I am married. Everyone gets sad when they hear that until they hear my response. He's a porn star too. I still fuck other people, he still fucks other people. A lot of people in this business when they get married and all of a sudden only work with their husband. They don't fuck other people. That is not good for your fans. Your fans want to see you get fucked. I'm number one for my fans before anything else. That is a key to success in this business, you have to want the job and be there for your fans. I don't work with my husband, I've only worked with him like twice. I only fuck other people.

Do you think that you guys could do a really great scene?

We have done a scene together. I think it's weirder for him to do a scene with me because we fuck all the time. It's like, whatever.

He's just bored with it right?

It's not that, because I'm crazy in bed. He can't keep up with me. I'm a horn dog. In any interview he will tell you that he can't keep up. We are so used to doing our own thing. I just like fucking other guys and he likes fucking other girls.

Is that why you keep calling?

I do. I can fuck. Everyone thinks I can't fuck other people, but I can. I keep trying.

I see that it's your number and I just don't pick up. I'm tired of it. It's to have sex though?

I'm bad. I get angry and headaches when I don't have sex. If I go for a day, even if I masturbate it helps relieve stress, but I still have to have sex once a day. I don't know what's wrong. It's like a chemical imbalance or something.

Next time you call, I promise to pick up.

Yeah, you're causing me mental stress. You're going to put me in the mental ward.

I apologize. I thought you just wanted more T Shirts. There needs to be a signal or something. We need a special hot line or a red phone.

Jesse wants sex.

All right, if I have to.

I'll twist your arm.

What else should we talk about?

Watch out for some mainstream stuff. Nothing is set in stone, but I'm going to step up. I might start directing my own movies distributed through Digital. We have such a great relationship that we just want to expand on it. We're a good team. We both have ideas that would benefit each other. They have heard my ideas and they like them. I wanted time to practice and learn. I have a few ideas that haven't been done yet which might shock people. I have a gonzo line and a vignette line. Cuz I'm a gonzo girl. I do the features and vignettes, but I love Jack's Playground. I like to get fucked I like to be dirty. Of course I'm going to release a gonzo line. A lot is going to happen this year. I'm really looking forward to it.

We will look for more of Jesse Jane in year five.


Jesse Jane Congratulations on all the success you have had. I knew it would happen.

Thank you.

Anything else.

Let's turn off the tape so I can give you a blowjob. That way your wife won't hear.

That sounds good to me.

Jesse's Movies

NEW: Audio Inerview With Jesse Jane now available! Listen to interview

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