FAQ : Digital products, eBooks and audio

Frequently asked questions
-  ebooks and audio Downloads

When are Black Library eBooks going to be available?

You can pre-order them now!

Will all books be available as eBooks?

We would like to think so eventually, however we have a large backlist so this will take time, please bear with us.

Does that mean you will stop printing books at some point?

Absolutely not - we will continue to produce printed paper books alongside eBooks.

Are your eBooks be available for the Kindle?

All of our eBooks and Hammer and Bolter are available from the Black Library website in a format that is compatible with the Kindle. Black Library eBooks will not be available from the Amazon website though.

In which formats will eBooks be available?

Mobi (the Kindle compatible format) and ePub (most other eReaders such as the Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook).

What about artbooks?

We have no plans to produce artbooks in eBook format at the moment.

What about omnibuses?

All eBooks will be produced as the single books and not the omnibus editions.

Will you release eBooks alongside normal novels?


Will you do eBooks of print on demand/novellas/hardbacks?

We are focusing on getting our main range novels out as eBooks first. POD and hardbacks will probably be available as eBooks in the future, however we currently have no plans to produce eBooks of any limited edition novellas.

What size are the files?

eBooks are approx 1Mb, audio dramas are around 170Mb, audio books are 800Mb+

Can I download an eBook more than once?

Yes, up to 5 downloads are permitted per file.

Will any products only be available digitally?

Yes! We are launching a new download only magazine called Hammer and Bolter. This will only be available for download. Our unabridged audios will also only be available for download.

Will all Audio be available as downloads?

Yes, we will have all the audio dramas, and audio books available.

Will you be doing unabridged audiobooks?

Yes we will - our first three will be A Thousand Sons , Prospero Burns and God King.

What programs will audio downloads work on?

All of our audio downloads are MP3 format and so will work on any modern computer, Windows Media Player or iTunes being the most common programs, or any modern personal media player.

Where will I be able to buy digital products?

On the Black Library website!

Are you selling them through Amazon, Waterstones, iBooks etc

We will initially be selling books through the Black Library website.

How much will an eBook cost?

The prices for eBooks will be £6.50. Audio dramas will be £8.50. Abridged audiobooks £17.00 and unabridged audiobooks £20. Hammer and Bolter £2.50.

How do I find out more?

Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter feed.