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Whenever I get asked to write these blurbs about myself... I feel as though I need to come up with something super exciting. But if I was to tell you I could fly, walk the through walls and had X-ray vision, you wouldn't believe me. So, I'll just stick to the facts!

I'm country bred and spent the first 18 years of my life living on the family farm near the small town of Gilgandra (try saying that 5 times really fast!) in the middle of nowhere, New South Wales.

As fun as erecting perfectly straight fences and digging weeds out of ENTIRE PADDOCKS!! can be, I felt I was destined for something greater.... But, after falling through the roof at the local supermarket, I knew it wasn't shelf stacking.

..... So naturally? I tried radio!!! My job's have taken me all around the country, working in Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast and most recently Perth. I love sport, watching movies and my girlfriend of over 3 years Vanessa. I'm also a father of 2..... a Rottweiler named Chloe and Abba, my sponsor child from Chad.

It's not often you get to work in your dream job... A place where I can wear whatever I want to work, play music all day long, plus meet and talk to new people every day! Oh, and I get to work in my dream city. Melbourne... How good is this place?

I might be new... so I need you to show me around! Where do I eat? Where do I take my parents when they visit? What footy team do I support? Help me and give me call every arvo from 1, on 13 10 60. Can't wait to meet you!

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