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Eighth Circuit Litigation

Citizens for Equal Protection v. Bruning

Court of Appeals

Denial of petition for en banc review (August 30, 2006)

Opinion (July 13, 2006)

Appellants' Opening Brief (Attorney General) (August 31, 2005)

Appellee's Opening Brief (Lambda Legal, ACLU)
(October 31, 2005)

Summary Judgment

Plaintiffs' Opening Trial Brief (October 15, 2004)

Defendants' Opening Trial Brief (December 1, 2004)

Plaintiffs' Reply Brief (December 15, 2004)

Opinion (May 12, 2005)

Motion to Dismiss

Complaint (April 2003)

Answer (November 19, 2003)

State's Memo Supporting Motion to Dismiss (June 30, 2003)

Plaintiff's Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (August 29, 2003)

State's Reply Memo Supporting Motion to Dismiss (September 22, 2003)

Ruling on Motion to Dismiss (November 10, 2003)










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