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District of Columbia

Jackson, et al. v. District of Columbia, et al.

Jackson IV

District Court

Order Denying Motion

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order


Jackson III

U.S. Supreme Court

Order Denying Request for Stay

Reply to Motion Requesting Stay

Response to Motion Requesting Stay

Motion Requesting Stay

Trial Court

Order Denying Petitioners' Motion for Injunction

Intervenors' Opposition to the Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Petition for Writ

Jackson II

Appellate Court

Appellants' Opening Brief

Trial Court


Brief of Amicus Curiae American Center for Law and Justice and United States Senators in support of petitioners' motion for summary judgment

Intervenors' Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment

Reply to Motion for Summary Judgment

Response to Motion for Summary Judgment

Petitioners' Motion for Summary Judgment


Jackson I

Trial Court


Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Petitioners' Motion for Summary Judgment

Petition for Review of Agency Decision


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