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Welcome to my web site. It is an honor to serve as your Senate Representative. This site will be continually updated to provide you with news stories, press releases, photos and information regarding the 35th Senate District.

I encourage you to continue visiting this web site. Please feel free to contact any of my offices with any questions you may have.


Senator Tom Harman has been tapped as Vice Chairman of the 5-member Senate Rules Committee, considered the most powerful committee in the Senate. Serving as Vice Chairman of Rules Committee is one of the most influential positions in the Senate.

The Rules Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving or rejecting hundreds of key gubernatorial appointments before they are voted on by the full Senate. The committee also has jurisdiction over proposed amendments and rules that govern the State Senate as well as all other matters relating to the business of the State Legislature. (Read more)


By Senator Tom Harman, Published in The Sacramento Bee, December 4, 2010

The ballot initiative process is direct democracy in action and a vital mechanism empowering California voters to change the laws we live by. As an expression of the people’s will, initiative statutes should be shown deference by California’s elected officials and zealously defended when challenged in our courts. California voters deserve that much.

A prime example of direct democracy under siege involves Proposition 8­—the voter enacted initiative defining marriage solely between a man and a woman. Whether one agrees with Prop 8 or not, the fact remains that a majority of voters supported its passage at the polls. Backed by seven million voters, Prop 8 deserves an ardent defense by its proponents and the Attorney General, as does any other initiative passed by voters and then challenged in court. (read more)


Huntington Beach state legislators, Senator Tom Harman and Assemblyman Jim Silva teamed up with the Golden State Water Company to deliver Thanksgiving turkeys to the American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291. Members of the Legion will distribute the turkeys to military families in need during this holiday season. Harman and Silva also provided turkeys to families affiliated with the Precious Life Shelter in Los Alamitos and needy families in Laguna Beach.


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