Avatar 3DTV world premiere on Sky 3D

Christmas Eve airing for James Cameron's Oscar winner

Avatar 3DTV world premiere on Sky 3D

1 December 2010 10:56 GMT / By Paul Lamkin

Sky 3D has secured a major coup - the 3D TV world premiere of the biggest movie of all time, Avatar.

James Cameron's blockbuster will be shown in 3D, on the Sky 3D channel, on Christmas Eve at 8pm.

John Cassy, Sky 3D’s channel director said: "Confirming Avatar in our Christmas line up for Sky 3D is a huge honour and fantastic news for customers".

"We’ve got an action packed schedule of 3D programmes on the channel over Christmas with everything from big movie blockbusters and all the major Barclays Premier League fixtures, to the history of pterosaurs with Sir David Attenborough’s Flying Monsters". 

"We hope 3D will bring people together to enjoy a whole new television experience over this festive and special time of year".

As well as landing Avatar 3D, Sky has also announced that it will be screening Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland in 3D on New Year's Eve and on 6 January, for the first time ever, Sky 3D will show all three Toy Story films in 3D, although you'll have to pay extra for Toy Story 3 as it's only at Box Office stage.

Glasses at the ready.

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  • Can't believe I missed this... Panasonic, screw you for keeping Avatar 3D to yourself until 2012 Posted by me, UK

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