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Full Circuit!

January 14, 2010

Hello Intimidator™305 fans! It has been a few months since my last entry and a few things have happened! From MORE rain, 18 inches of snow and, oh yeah, the last piece of steel went up! Even though I dropped the ball on the blog, I have been keeping the photos fresh.

After the holidays the Adena crew truly attacked I305 and steel went flying up, to the point where they were slightly slowed until the last big crane was removed. If they would have continued with the crane in place, the crane would have been trapped.

On a cool Saturday afternoon (January 9, 2010) the last piece of steel (track section 91) was lifted into place. It was a very exciting time for us all!

I’d like to try and address some questions that I have been receiving through the build process. The weight of a section of track is between 15,000 lbs. and 16,000 lbs, while the lift hill sections tip the scales at around 32,000 lbs! There are 36 bolts per track end and an astounding 132 bolts per lift hill/track ends.

In some of the pictures you may be able to see the chain and strapping setup that is used to hoist each section up. The chain sections are equipped with a block-and-tackle system that they use to make adjustments to the track pieces. The ultimate goal is to get the track angles on the ground as close as possible to the angles of the existing track in the air, so when the piece is hanging 50 feet over head, the bolt holes line right up. There is also some adjustment in the support bases. They can be adjusted up, down, left or right before they are secured and tightened to the cement footers.

Just as important as the steel, the electrical work is coming along. Their milestones are a bit harder to follow on the webcam, but they have the overwhelming task of getting power to every corner of the ride area, from the brake runs to the top of the lift hill at 305 feet! Unfortunately, I305 doesn’t just “plug-in” to the wall with an extension cord. I will try and get some fun and interesting facts about the electric for my next entry.

Stay tuned for more updates and have a GREAT New Year!

- John Pagel
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