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Eligibility – Can I join AMEP English Classes?

Can I join AMEP English classes?

You may be able to learn English with the AMEP if you:

  • are an adult (18 years or older); or
  • are a young migrant (15, 16 or 17 years old) and have not participated in the school system within the first 12 months of your arrival to Australia; and
  • are a migrant or refugee who has been granted a visa; and
  • speak little or no English.

You can study English with the AMEP for up to 510 hours or until you reach functional English, whichever comes first.

You should register for classes within six months of the date your visa commences and start classes within one year. You will have five years to complete classes. These timeframes can be extended in certain circumstances.

What if I can't join AMEP English classes?

There are other programs that may help you learn English, get a job, or study.
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Are English classes free?

English classes are free for eligible migrants.

How do I join English classes?

Service providers teach English at AMEP learning centres.

They can tell you if you can learn English with the AMEP and will find the best way for you to learn.

To find out if you can learn English with the AMEP, contact the service provider nearest to you.
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