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Global information management Metrics eXchange (GMX)

Global information management Metrics eXchange (GMX) is a family of standards of globalization- and localization-related metrics. The three components of GMX are:

  • Volume (V) Global Information Management Metrics Volume addresses the issue of quantifying the workload for a given localization or translation task, something often handled using word counts. Word counts, however, do not convey the true range of possible statistics that can be used to assess the cost of localizing a document. GMX-V provides a standard and more precise definition of the statistics necessary for to assess the quantity of text (and costs) associated with language-related globalization tasks. More…
  • Complexity (C) (proposed). GMX-C will provide a standard metric for the assessment of textual complexity with regard to globalization tasks. This format has not yet been defined.
  • Quality (Q) (proposed). GMX-Q will provide a standard format for the specification of quality requirements for globalization tasks, thus allowing quality expectations to be specified in contracts and other agreements and verified. This format has not yet been defined.