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Message from discussion Vim 7.3 released!
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Bram Moolenaar  
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 More options Aug 15 2010, 3:52 pm
From: Bram Moolenaar <>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 21:52:04 +0200
Local: Sun, Aug 15 2010 3:52 pm
Subject: Vim 7.3 released!

Hello Vim users,

Announcing:  Vim (Vi IMproved) version 7.3

This is a minor release of Vim.  It consists of Vim 7.2 plus all
patches, updated runtime files and some more, see below.  It has been
two years since the 7.2 release, thus it's not that "minor".  But not
"major" either.  Something in between, don't know how to call that.

The most notable additions since 7.2:
- Persistent undo and undo for reload
- Blowfish encryption, encryption of the swap file
- Conceal text
- Lua interface
- Python 3 interface

Once you have installed Vim 7.3 you can find all the details about the
changes since Vim 7.2 with:
        :help version-7.3


If you like Vim, this is the way to say thanks:

Where to get it

The best way to obtain the latest Vim 7.3 is using Mercurial.
        hg clone vim
        cd vim/src
        hg update vim73
More information here:

All downloadable files can be found below this directory:

Direct link to the MS-Windows self-installing executable:

Information about which files to download for what system:

A list of mirror sites can be found here:

unix/vim-7.3.tar.bz2           sources + runtime files, bzip2 compressed

MS-WINDOWS one-size-fits-all:
pc/gvim73.exe                  installer for GUI and console executables,
                               includes all runtime files, many features

doc/              help files converted to HTML

MS-WINDOWS separate files:
pc/                 runtime files
pc/                  GUI binary for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
pc/               GUI binary with OLE support
pc/                GUI binary for Windows 3.1 (untested)
pc/                console version for MS-DOS/Windows 95/98
pc/                console version for Windows NT/2000/XP
pc/                sources for PC (with CR-LF)

unix/vim-7.2-7.3.diff.gz               sources + runtime files
unstable/unix/vim-7.3f-7.3.diff.gz     sources + runtime files

Omitted in this version are:
- Extra and lang archives, these are now included in the main source
  and runtime archives.
- The 16-bit DOS, OS/2 and Amiga versions, these are obsolete.

Mailing lists

For user questions you can turn to the Vim mailing list.  There are a
lot of tips, scripts and solutions.  You can ask your Vim questions, but
only if you subscribe.  See

If you want to help Vim development, discuss new features or get the
latest patches, subscribe to the vim-dev mailing list.  See

Subject specific lists:
Multi-byte issues:
Macintosh issues:

Before you ask a question you should search the archives, someone may
already have given the answer.

Reporting bugs

Send them to <>.  Please describe the problem precisely.
All the time spent on answering mail is subtracted from the time that is
spent on improving Vim!  Always give a reproducible example and try to
find out which settings or other things influence the appearance of the
bug.  Try starting without your own vimrc file: "vim -u NONE".  Try
different machines if possible.  See ":help bugs" in Vim.  Send me a
patch if you can!

Happy Vimming!

Q: Should I clean my house or work on Vim?
A: Whatever contains more bugs.

 /// Bram Moolenaar -- --   \\\
///        sponsor Vim, vote for features -- \\\
\\\        download, build and distribute --        ///
 \\\            help me help AIDS victims --    ///

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