Battle of Kosovo (1389)

Battle of Kosovo by Adam Stefanovic
Battle of Kosovo

The Battle of Kosovo was a major battle fought between the Serbian forces and Ottoman Turks on June 28 (St Vitus’ Day), 1389. Ottomans were led by Sultan Murad I who was killed by Serbian knight Milos Obilic. According to the Serbian sources Milos Obilic walked to the Turkish camp pretending to be a deserter and stabbed Murad in the stomach. The Turkish sources claim that sultan was killed during a walk on the battlefield by Serbian knight who pretended to be dead after the fighting finished.

The Battle of Kosovo resulted in severe casualties on both Serbian and Ottoman side. The first records reported over Serbian victory but the battle was a major Ottoman victory. Most of the Serbian nobility including Prince Lazar were killed in the battle. However, the Ottomans could not take advantage of their victory immediately.

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